Green Bedrooms To Freshen Up Your Day -- Whether you like to use bright colors, want to add a fresh touch or just want a dose of nature and tranquility, green is the way to go for your bedroom. Not only as an accent, green can be a specific theme in the room. A green bedroom can provide a fresh and even pleasant atmosphere to your bedroom. If you're obsessed with green bedrooms, here are Green Bedrooms To Freshen Up Your Day. 

Simple, bright green bedroom

When using green, do not hesitate to maximize it. Dare to make the bedroom walls in bright green. If you are afraid that the room will excessive green, let the floor in neutral shades and choose furniture in white to balance it out. You can also install windows in the bedroom, so the green bedroom looks brighter and fresher. 

Green bedroom and an orange accent

Fully committed to designing an all-green bedroom. From the green walls to the bedsheet in the shade of green. However, give something different, so you don't get bored in a green bedroom. For example, choosing a pendant lamp in an orange lampshade or as simple as using a pillowcase in chessboard color that contrast with the green. 

Cheerful green bedroom for children

Green can also be the color of a child's bedroom. This color represents positive growth. By adding pictures and patterns according to the child's favorite cartoon character, it will make the green bedroom look more fun and adorable. 

Adorable green rug

Another child's bedroom design in a cheerful and fun green color. The green color comes from the use of furniture as well as soft furnishing such as a bedsheet, pillows, and baby toys. A green rug in the shape of a Keroppi frog will be an interesting thing in this child's room. 

Green star ceiling

Bring something unique to a small green bedroom. In addition to the walls, green can be present on the bedroom ceiling. Installing star-shaped ceilings in a bold green color will make the room more attractive from bottom to top. This ceiling also functions as room lighting at night, with dim light that will accompany the owner's sleep. 

Statement wall


Green bedroom walls may be familiar. Give a touch of creativity to a green wall to make it a statement wall. Random white patterns on green walls can take a simple green bedroom to the next level. 

Hopefully, those Green Bedrooms To Freshen Up Your Day are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green bedroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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