Half Amakan Half Concrete House Design: Simple but Comfy

Helloshabby.com -- Making a house is a long-term project, which can take up your time, money, energy and mind. The bigger you want, the more stress you can get. For that, seeing a simple house who knows can provide inspiration that a comfortable home can be realized in a simple way. 

As the house that we would like to review. This house has a design that combines modern and traditional Filipino styles. Half amakan walls and half concrete. With woven bamboo walls that give a fresh and natural home visual. For more details, keep reading for Half Amakan Half Concrete House Design: Simple but Comfy.

Half amakan, half concrete exterior design

Liza Cortez Manalo

From the exterior appearance, this house combines two wall styles.  The main wall made of concrete material which is given a gray paint color. The half concrete wall gives a sturdy look. As an attraction, the owner added a half wall of amakan which makes the house look natural and traditionally unique. 

Simple living room design

Entering the house, you will be greeted by a living area. It is an informal place to entertain guests and a place to relax in the house. This living area has sliding glass windows to let in light and air circulation from inside and outside the building. Floors with visuals such as wood complement the interior of this half amakan and half concrete house. 

Comfy gray sofa

Liza Cortez Manalo

The interior of the house uses white paint. To give the impression of a modern minimalism space, a sectional L-shaped sofa was chosen. The gray color completer the look of this simple and small living room. 

Putting TV entertainment

This living room can also be a family or home member gathering place to enjoy the favorite TV shows. The owner puts the TV in front of the sofa. The all black design of TV and TV table add contrast and unique look to this living room. 

Open kitchen design

Liza Cortez Manalo

The kitchen design is made in open concept. This kitchen becomes one place with the dining area. The kitchen and dining area are gray to match the interior of the rest of the room. The open concept will make the kitchen space look more spacious and airy. 

Comfy bedroom design

The house is not completely filled. However, the main furniture such as bed can be placed in the bedroom. The placement of the bedroom is in the middle of the room, leaving space on the sides of the bed. This arrangement makes the bedroom have a better flow of energy, rather than placing it against wall. 

Low bedroom design

Liza Cortez Manalo

In contrast to the low bedroom design with an on floor bed. Placing it anywhere will make the room look higher and wider. If the room size is relatively small, make sure to install glass windows for better day lighting and air circulation. 

Estimated home budget

The house measure about over 60 square meters. This house cost more than 700.000 pesos, but this is not entirely for a completely finished house.  

Small bathroom design

A small bathroom equipped with a shower, toilet and small sink is sufficient. There is no shower box, you can use a waterproof curtain as a barrier between the shower area and other areas. Shades of blue in the bathroom will also provide freshness when bathing. 

Hopefully, those Half Amakan Half Concrete House Design: Simple but Comfy With are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about simple house design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Credit       : Liza Cortez Manalo

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