Comfy Tiny Home Ideas with Traditional Vibe -- Everyone has a picture of their ideal home. There are those who like homes with every modern touch in the form of a house that look so contemporary. There are also those who like homes with traditional, natural touches that give off a calming, close-to-nature vibe. For you, here are Comfy Tiny Home Ideas with Traditional Vibe.

Stilt house design ideas

The stilt house does give a real traditional vibe. The building is dominated by wood material, which makes it harmonious with other plants all around. From the looks of it, this house is perfect for a vacation home or small family home with a low budget. 

A cozy porch

This house features a front porch. This terrace can be used as a living room or a place to relax while enjoying the fresh outdoor atmosphere. The roof of the house with a bamboo frame allows this terrace not to be too hot, especially with the additional feature of a fun. 

Glossy wooden floor

This kind of terrace is the best place to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee while chatting together. Optimize it by making a terrace floor from wood. Add a glossy finish for a terrace that is so natural and charming. Coating with a special paint will also make this wooden floor last longer from weather and insect attacks.

Back porch ideas

Use the back porch for a functional area. This can be used as a place to sit together. Add decorations to enhance the appearance of the back porch. For example, hang some lantern and place fresh flowers around it. Those will make the back porch more lively and lovely.

House interior ideas

Entering the house, you may be greeted by an open bedroom. The bedroom feels so natural with wooden materials around it. Choose a nice cover and sheet for the bed, that will complete the house interior design. 

Window and ventilation

Make yourself always close to nature, even if you are at home. Make sure you install transparent glass windows, which will allow you to see the outside view. This house also has ventilation at the top in the form of wooden nets attached to the upper wall.

Modern bathroom design

Yes, this house may be dominated by traditional-style wooden elements. However, you can fill the interior with modern furniture. One of them, on the design of the bathroom. Like this bathroom with a gorgeous shower box, modern toilet and sleek sink. 

Simple kitchen

This tiny house has a small and simple kitchen. The kitchen sink is directly connected to the stove table. Underneath, there is still space under the countertops to put shelves and kitchen trash cans. Although small, this kitchen has windows and skylight that will always make the kitchen bright. 

Hopefully, those Comfy Tiny Home Ideas with Traditional Vibe are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about comfy tiny home ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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