Green Living Room Ideas That Don't Go Out of Style -- Green is indeed a lot of devotees as the color of the interior of the house. However, if not applied properly, this color can make a room look outdated and overdone. If you do it well, a room like a living room can look good and invite admiration from your friends and family. You can see some inspiration in Green Living Room Ideas That Don't Go Out of Style.

An easy way to add green to your living room is to use it as a wall color. Make it not excessive by applying it to one main wall only. The green wall will be the centerpiece in the living room. Add wall decorations, so that the green walls don't look like green screens.  

The right combination and lighting aspect

If your green walls are wide enough, choose a more neutral combination, such as white for the walls and the color of the living room furniture. Like the living room above. The white color provides the perfect balance. Parts of the walls are highlighted by diffused light, which makes the room more dynamic. 

Green as an accent

You can use green as a room accent. In a room with a vinyl floor or wood floor, use green in soft furnishings, such as the color of the curtains and sofa cushions covers. Opting for artificial flowers in a hint of green will also make the room look brighter and fresher. 

Green complement the theme

Maybe you've heard of the vintage green style. Green can also complement a retro, vintage or traditional look. You can choose green color variant that matches the theme of the room. Applying it to the walls and carpets of the living room will be enough to highlight the green color, which brings a more positive vibe. 

Add bold stickers

Give an artistic touch to the living room with its green walls. You can add stickers in the form of strands or clumps of flowers and leaves. Using deep black is fine, this black sticker will make green walls look more expensive. This will be a great wall for your selfie spot in the living room. 

Green and other colors

It is a good idea to use green paint for the main wall of the living room. You can add other colors to balance the green, so it doesn't stand out too much. For example, adding black and white frames decor, or using sofa cushion covers in another pop color. Balancing the green will make the room look less dated and overdone. 

Hopefully, those Green Living Room Ideas That Don't Go Out of Style are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green living room ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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