Simple and Cozy Modern Amakan House for Family Residential -- Don't imagine a house with a traditional or native look will be outdated. A house with a traditional ethnic touch can be combined with a modern style. This, it will make the house still present modern comfort and unique style.

Like the Amakan house, which we will discuss. This house has a dominant Amakan accent wall which gives a relaxed and fresh impression. With a simple interior arrangement that prioritizes the flexibility of for its residents. 

Eye-catching Amakan wall

Traditional woven bamboo mat walls are things that might catch your attention. These walls keep the building cool in hot tropical weather. This woven bamboo wall has a natural wood color that blends well with the simple lawn around it. Natural elements also enter by using slate stones as 3 front pillars of the house that support the roof building well. 

Fresh and relaxing simple terrace

You have to make the front porch of the house in line with the concept of the house itself. Using a ceramic floor with natural wood looks will complement the bamboo mat well. Add a teak bench for a relaxing seat while enjoying the fresh morning atmosphere. You can also add seasonal plants or decorations according to the season. 

Perforated rattan fence 

Some typical Filipino Amakan houses make a small fence that frames the front porch of the house. Adjust the terrace design by choosing a rattan fence model that has a unique perforated design, as above. This small fence will complement the concept of the Amakan house with a cool traditional vibe. 

Cozy living room ideas

At first glance, this living room looks spacious and colorful. The living room features furniture in a variety of colors and patterns. Even so, a good distance and the right composition big and small, make the living area not look so crowded and excessive. 

The green color is the color accent in this living room. If you need a partition or room divider for an open space, a large cabinet with green accents in it is a good idea. Accompany the green by choosing curtains in matching colors and placing some greenery. 

Simple bedroom arrangement

The simpler, the bedroom will indeed look spacious and neat. In order not to make it look so empty, add some functional and decorative elements. For example, curtains with a light green floral pattern, and string lights in purplish dim light. Use a wooden bed to connect the room design with the overall theme of the house

Homey dining and kitchen design

Create dining and kitchen design that match family habits. This simple L-shaped kitchen model can be chosen for a simple cooking activity. With a cabinet that fills empty space as kitchen storage. In the dining area, a rug is placed to give an aesthetic impression and the space looks spacious. 

Hopefully, those Simple and Cozy Modern Amakan House for Family Residential are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about modern Amakan house design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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