7 Garden Decoration Tips for Small Corners

Helloshabby.com -- Have a vacant lot or corner at home? Turn empty land or a small, awkward corner into a stunning garden. The garden will provide a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere at home. Creating or fixing a small garden can be done easily.  You don't have to spend a lot of money. Just use garden decorations that are easy to get, but good for beautifying the garden. 

Present beautiful garden creations with 7 Garden Decoration Tips for Small Corners.

Simple and effortless garden decor

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Change the look of an empty corner or side of a house with this simple, fresh and effortless look. This corner can be a garden and a place for homeowners to relax and do simple gardening. With a wooden deck, vertical potted landscape and optimal natural lighting, it gives a comfortable feeling while here. 

Arrange the plants neatly


Plants are decorative elements as well as garden dwellers. Many houseplants are easy and inexpensive to obtain. They will refresh the garden atmosphere. If you're a plant lover, make a small corner a special place to care for and display plants. Arrange the plants lined up neatly like this. Placing potted plants on vertical shelves is also a good idea to save-space.

Color the garden with your favorite color


Color does give a personal touch and character to a small corner garden. If you like it, you can apply a combination of a green garden with an all-pink atmosphere like this for a small corner. Pink used in the color of the fence, a small metal shelf and plant pots. It gives off a fresh and adorable corner garden look. 

Liven up the empty vertical space


An inner court is sometimes surrounded by walls. Make the inner-court garden look perfect throughout, including around the walls. You can make the walls a great place for hanging baskets with beautiful dangling plants. Another part of the wall can also be a planting medium for climbing fig plants to later grow to cover the entire wall. 

Cover uneven ground with lush plants


If you have an uneven ground, deal with it in easy ways. One of them is to fill the area with lush plants. Good plant options are peace lily plants, Chinese evergreen plants and others. When they grew lush and dense like this, the uneven ground would be well covered. Green plants also provide freshness. 

Cute shape decoration


Liven up a small corner with shapes. You can add unique shapes to a small corner of the garden. Gravel beds in bright colors are perfect as background for heart-shaped accent that filled with beautiful blooming flowers. 

Adding contrast to the garden


A garden that is only filled with lawns and greenery will look monotonous and boring. At the very least, add one or more elements that make the garden more dynamic. For example, using white as a visual contrast with green atmosphere. White gravel paths, goose planter and bicycle-shaped plant rack in white will make a small garden more elegant. 

Hopefully, those 7 Garden Decoration Tips for Small Corners are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small garden ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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