7 Gray Flooring Ideas - Embrace This Versatile Neutral For Your Floors

Helloshabby.com -- Gray goes in a neutral color scheme. Gray is a flexible color to combine with the right style and color. The gray color is not so widely applied to the floor. In fact, when applied correctly, this color will give the impression of a wider, versatile and timeless home. For those of you who are looking for floor ideas in gray, keep reading for 7 Gray Flooring Ideas - Embrace This Versatile Neutral For Your Floors.


Gray cork flooring


This room uses cork flooring. Cork flooring is the right choice for those of you who want to have an eco-friendly home. It is also warm and comfortable to steep on. Cork flooring installation is also easy without causing lines like using tiles. For an elegant minimalist look, using gray cork flooring is a good idea. 

Metallic-gray flooring


Bring a sophisticated kitchen to home. Not only from the furniture and kitchen in a luxurious gray color, the use of the floor can also support it. You can use a gray floor with a little metallic shade, which makes it blend well with the gray furniture on the wall. 

Gray stained wood


Gray stained wood is a great idea to add a rustic touch to an interior. You can use any wood material, from solid wood, laminated wood, engineering wood or vinyl. As long as they in gray, it will look good. A stained wood floor will complete a space that is fully dedicated to gray lovers.

Gray ceramic tile


Ceramic is the flooring material of choice for many people. Many ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and designs. One of them, tile with a gray color in the pattern of fine grains. This gray tile floor gives a cool and modern feel. The combination of white walls give a vast feeling of space.

Granite gray floor


Granite flooring does have a more expensive price than other mainstream flooring materials. This is because granite has a strong structure and natural pattern in a beautiful shade of gray. Granite floors can provide a cool effect on the effect, it will also cool the house. 

Another gray stained wood


One more gray stained wood design that you can use in a small house or minimalist home. This floor gives a natural wood pattern that is in harmony with the natural-themed decoration around the room. 

Gray herringbone floor


The gray flooring in herringbone pattern never goes out of style. Floors like this add visual dynamism to a room. This gray herringbone floor is also perfect for a combination of deep blue furniture and white walls around it. 

Hopefully, those 7 Gray Flooring Ideas - Embrace This Versatile Neutral For Your Floors are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about flooring ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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