Simple Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms | 50 SQM -- Looking for inspiration for a comfortable and affordable family home? You can consider a bungalow house design. A bungalow house is commonly known as a small one-story house with a veranda or front porch. With the development of the design makes the bungalow give the impression of being comfortable, stylish and family-friendly. 

For bungalow house inspiration, try reading this Simple Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms | 50 SQM.

Stylish house front view

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This house has a size of 50 square meters on 138 square meters' lot area. With this size, you get a typical front view of a bungalow house. A sloping gable roof with a triangular top wall. The front is also supported by pillars, which make the entry terrace are more clearly visible. This house is bordered by a small fence with shrubs in front,  which give the impression of a fresh and safe house.

Exterior details

This house has stunning exterior visual details. Added exposed red brick elements on the exterior walls. This red brick wall adds visual texture and adds a touch of rustic style. In a neutral color scheme and bright nature, it makes the house seem at one with its surroundings. 

Roof design

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The house takes a gable roof construction design. The two sloping sides of the roof will meet in the middle. These two sloping sides also make the house have a triangular shape at the top of the front house. The choice of tile or roof covering material can be adjusted to the budget and environment. However, you can choose a roof in gray with dark brown sides to get a bright bungalow house like this.

Useful entry terrace

Before entering the house, you will find an entry terrace. Not only as entry access, this terrace can be used as outdoor seating for homeowners. The terrace floor is elevated to gibe the house dynamism. On this raised floor, you can put a chair and a small coffee table. 

Another outdoor relaxing space

This house design is suitable for families who like to do outdoor activities. For example, gardening or just sitting outside. The front area of this house can be used as small green garden, which is perfect for enjoying the fresh air. 

Outdoor laundry area

The side of the house can also be used as an open laundry area. Doing laundry is definitely fresher and more fun with an all-green outdoor atmosphere like this. Just make sure you design a shade that will protect the washing machine from the rain.

Small living room design

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The living room has an all-white design that looks timeless and classic. Windows are installed on the sides of the walls to provide better lighting and air circulation. The windows are also fitted with pattern curtains in maroon and white to give the room, a warmer, less dazzling glow. 

Kitchen and dining area

Here, you'll find an L-shaped kitchen with a dining table and chairs set. The interior has the same color scheme as the living room. Keeps this area connected and unified in style. Decorations were added to some empty areas, such as a corner table, walls, and a dining table. It all makes the space more lively.

White master bedroom

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This house has two bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The master bedroom design is like this. The all-white concept with a few gray accents gives the impression of timeless and modern minimalist style. The interior of a room like this also bring a clean, bright and spacious impression. 

Hopefully, those Simple Bungalow House Design with 2 Bedrooms | 50 SQM are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about bungalow designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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