8 Amazing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Designs to Try at Home

Helloshabby.com -- Do you have a bathroom goal in a modern farmhouse style? If so, these modern farmhouse bathroom ideas and picture will really help you. The farmhouse bathrooms can bring a fresh, rustic bathing atmosphere, with a modern touch that will make your farmhouse bathroom not tacky and outdated. The bath agenda is even more fun. More ideas? Keep reading for 8 Amazing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Designs to Try at Home.

Wood elements and plant decoration


Wood is one of the main materials in this modern farmhouse bathroom. The use of wood on the floors and cabinets gives a natural impression with a fresh and calm atmosphere. This wood element blends well with a touch of greenery in the bathroom. 

Unique modern farmhouse bathroom design


What catch your eyes first? You may be just as fascinated by the vanity and featured wall of this farmhouse bathroom. The rustic wood texture of the vanity looks harmonious with the rough exposed brick walls, which gives it a unique natural rustic vibe. The modern furniture in it keeps the bathroom with a sophisticated, modern touch.

Dynamic hexagonal floor


A bathroom with a farmhouse style would look better with a nice floor. The choice of hexagonal pattern flooring, an artistic feel. These ceramic tiles are also anti-slip, so you don't slip easily. Its small size is wrapped in monochrome colors for a modern impression. 

Small modern farmhouse bathroom


Farmhouse style is synonymous with warm colors. You can apply white as the main color of the bathroom, with wood material on the vanity to give a rustic impression. To add modern atmosphere to a small bathroom, use furniture with a minimalist design but still have a traditional vibe.

Stunning farmhouse-style bathroom furniture


Use farmhouse-style furniture to make your bathroom get a modern farmhouse look. Shiplap walls are one of the hallmark of the farmhouse room design. Shiplap walls are wooden wall coverings which are generally striped.  Apart from wood, Nickel gap shiplap is also a great option. You can replace an ordinary door with a gorgeous barn door for a modern farmhouse bathroom design. 

Elegant farmhouse bathroom design


Farmhouse style can be an accent in a modern bathroom. This white bathroom looks so elegant with tiles in a beautiful pattern in 2-tone color. The touch of a farmhouse is felt thanks to the use of wooden furniture, for example on the surface of the wooden sink, rattan shelves and small bench in the bathroom. 

Use rough red brick flooring 


Farmhouse is also synonymous with a rustic touch. Rustic feel can be present from using a rough red brick flooring that wasn't finished. Adding a shabby-looking rug also adds a unique farmhouse texture and visual. In order no to be too old-fashioned, you can use a vanity on a granite surface that looks elegant and modern. 

Modern bathroom with ship-lap walls


Your modern bathroom will have a farmhouse touch with the use of shiplap accent walls. The shiplap wall is made of wood material. The wood element will make this white bathroom feel more natural and fresh. 

Hopefully, those 8 Amazing Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Designs to Try at Home are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about modern bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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