Living room wall ideas - 7 inspirational design tips for the blank walls in your lounge -- Walls are like canvas. Unleash your creativity and imagination on the living room wall. You can give any aesthetic touches to make the living room more attractive. Walls that are too plain are still functional, but this can reduce the appeal of the living room. Need ideas to take your living room walls to the next level? Here are living room wall ideas - 7 inspirational design tips for the blank walls in your lounge.

White 3d Embossed Wall


Give a stunning touch to the living room walls. You can create a 3D embossed wall in a pretty pattern like this one. You can also use a wall panel that gives an embossed effect. Having a wall like this, you don't need to over-treat the wall. Without excessive decorations, this embossed wall already looks so stunning.

The exposed brick never dies


Get around the plain walls in the living room by creating a fresh, rustic atmosphere in the style of exposed brick. This gives a unique impression to the living room. You can replace the exposed brick wall installation option with affordable wallpaper in an exposed red brick pattern. 

Beautiful painting in the living room


Plain walls make the living room look boring. If you have a hobby of painting, just paint a plain wall as beautiful as this. Painting flowers in red pop or burgundy colors gives an extraordinary look. This beautiful wall is enough to be an attention seeker in the living room.

Yellow accent wall


Living room walls can radiate your identity. Give an accent wall, for example by painting the center of the wall with a yellow paint color like this. This yellow color is a bit, but it is able to reflect the identity of its owner as a yellow lover.

Fresh living wall


Make the walls come alive. You can set it up as a living wall. This is just a term for a variety of indoor plants that can grow well on walls, some call it a vertical garden. You can fill this living room wall with an indoor plants that can live without direct sunlight.

Make a wall-molding


The embossed effect can also from the use of molding walls. Use contrasting colors to make the shapes real. For example, choosing a gray wall color with a print outline in white. This will make plain walls more attractive, and give the effect of a tall and spacious room.

Gray and white striped wall


Making walls in large lines like this can give the room a broad and airy impression. Use a combination of white and gray in a striped pattern. This wall makes the room more interesting and not boring. 

Hopefully, those Living room wall ideas - 7 inspirational design tips for the blank walls in your lounge are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about living room design and  ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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