Simple and Cozy Bungalow House Design with 3 Bedrooms (115sqm) -- Are you looking for inspiration for a new home? Have you ever thought about the option of living in a bungalow house? Don't get me wrong, bungalows are often associated as elderly dwelling houses. In fact, a bungalow house can be for anyone. Bungalow houses offer many benefits suitable for diverse people and fit to any lifestyle.

In the following, we've prepared a review of the design of a bungalow house that looks comfortable, simple and economical. Keep reading for Simple and Cozy Bungalow House Design with 3 Bedrooms (115sqm).

The design of the facade of the house


When you think of a bungalow house, you will probably imagine a beautiful one-story cottage house. The design of the front view of the house can be made more modern with earthy-tone finishing color. The open concept, is applied by installing many windows in the house to expand the line of vision and brings natural light into the house. 

Size details and estimated cost

Bungalow houses are usually small in terms of size and square footage. In this design, you can build a beautiful bungalow house on a total floor area of 10.00 x 11.5 meters or 115 square meters. Estimated cost is around 2.9 M pesos or $58,000 USD. The cost may vary depending on the site character and location. 

Exterior features

This bungalow house has an open veranda. Because the floor elevation is higher than the ground, a small staircase is needed to access the veranda and house. The veranda and small staircase are nicely framed with a white railing. 

Top view of the house


One thing that is typical of bungalow houses is the roof design. In the design of this house, the roof uses a pyramid hip roof model. This roof house covers the entire house, including the front veranda, making it more economical without the addition of extra shade. 

Add garden landscaping

As much as possible, present a garden around a small house or bungalow house. Make landscaping garden features more perfect with the presence of the fresh green lawns, greenery, and path that surround the house. 

Living Area

When you enter the house, you'll find a living area. The living area can be used a place to entertain guest, friends and family as well as a place to relax. The living area consists of a couch, single sofa, a coffee table and TV entertainment set. The single sofa is chosen in yellow color to give a more bright and contrast color to the living area.

Dining Area


Still in the same room with the living area, there is a dining area that looks elegant. This impression comes from the selected set of chairs and dining table design, as well as additional features such as hanging lamps or chandelier in a chic contemporary design. 

Modern kitchen design

Make the kitchen in a small house far from the impression of being outdated. The key is to choose modern style kitchen furniture. Make it look classy with white and gray color that match the interior of the house. Present a window to give natural light and make the air circulation feel so fresh.

Room layout design plan


This bungalow house requires a total floor area of 10 x 11,5 m. As the title implies, with that much area, you will get 3 bedrooms, consisting of a master bedroom which has an en-suite bathroom, and two additional bedrooms. The position of the bedroom are not close together to give privacy. The center of the house is the living area and dining area, which are easily accessible to residents of the house. 

Hopefully, those Simple and Cozy Bungalow House Design with 3 Bedrooms (115sqm) are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and cozy house design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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