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Helloshabby.com -- In most family homes, the TV is still used as the focal point of a living room. TV has become an important tool for family entertainment. Help adults relax, entertains kids and allow you to have a fun karaoke or cozy movie night. Basically, putting the TV in the common room can also bring the family together. Here, we'll show you your favorite TV room ideas that are simple and easy to try. The important thing is that it will help you get a cozy TV room, even in a small house. 

Elegant white TV room ideas

In a small house, bright colors like white will indeed be very useful. This makes the space look clean, bright, and spacious. The applicability is also great for small TV rooms at home. The light gray walls blend nicely with the floor and white furniture around the TV. The TV placement can be adjusted as needed, you can place it in a low cabinet to allow enjoying TV shows while sitting on the floor. 

Make it stand out with a TV holder and decorations

If you want to make the TV as focal point in the room, make it stand out! You can use the cabinet in a more prominent color than the backdrop TV wall. For example, using a cabinet table in solid wood like this. The wall can be filled with floating shelves in the same color to make this area more spacious. Last, enliven the room with plants. 

Make it have a theme

A small house doesn't mean you can't get a stylish TV room. Apply a theme to the TV room! The style of the room can match the overall house concept. In a minimalist Scandinavian style, it feels so cozy to see the TV room surrounded by warm oak elements and a sofa to enjoy your favorite TV shows. 

Live it up with colorful rug

How important is rug in the TV room? The answer, depends. Rugs can be a tool to keep your feet from touching the cold floor while watching TV. Rug can also make the TV room more lively. The key is to choose a rug design in contrasting patterns and colors with the furniture in the TV room. 

Fresh TV room ambience

If possible, you can arrange the TV room to adjacent to the garden. If not, arrange for the TV room to have windows overlooking the garden. This arrangement will make the room feel spacious and fresher, from the wind that may enter from the window. 

Adorable pink TV room design

The TV room in shades of pink looks so sweet, clean, and crisp. Not much furniture or decorations are placed. However, all the small ornaments that are neatly arranged on the shelves and TV backdrop are enough to give an aesthetic statement. Especially the background wall which is painted in a soft pink color which give a chic look. 

Adapt to family habits

Adjust the design of the TV room in a small house with family habits. If you prefer to watch while sitting on the floor or lying down, cover the floor in front of the TV with a mat or rug. Bring a soft pillow for you to relax watching TV. If it's not your habit, providing a sofa bed in front of the TV is also a good idea. 

Hopefully, those 7 TV Room Ideas for Small Houses | Simple & Cozy are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small TV room ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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