Simple Modern House 60 Sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedrooms -- Modern simple houses are able to bring comfort to its residents. The beginning is by choosing a simple house design with  modern style that suit your need and taste. We recommend this house design, by Artman, as the best inspiration. Has two bedrooms in the house with a total floor area of 60 sqm. The front of the house also looks good with simple but elegant arrangement. Read more at Simple Modern House 60 Sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedrooms.

Exterior walkthrough


The symmetrical beam building gives the house a minimalist look. The front building of the house was then perfected by installing windows and doors in a simple and adequate design. Exterior accents are added through the installation of secondary skin and corner walls in brown wood accents that refresh the appearance of the house. 

Simple but perfect exterior color

The choice of colors on the exterior of the house determines the impression and how the house will look. Above is a view from perspective with whitewashed walls and brown wood strips along the corners of the walls. The roof is colored blue to make the house more colorful and bright. 

Estimated cost


Estimating this house could be built at an estimated cost of around Php 350k to Php 650k in budget currency is in Philippine Pesos (Php). Actual costs may vary depending on location, character of site, and finishing style. For conservatively finished budget maybe around 1,200.000 - 1,320,000. 

Left side view

This house has several exterior features, such as a front porch and side terrace. Making this house suitable for a corner lot with a side terrace design that's quite ideal. You can use the side terrace as a relaxing area outside the house. With a firewall on the side, making this house sturdy and efficient. 

Rear view

As you can see, the house use simple, sloping roof construction. The combination of a sloping roof and flat roof in front, makes the house look more dynamic. The back of the house can still be used as a service area, such as a laundry area and so on.  

Living area


You can make a living room in a simple, minimalist style. With a gray sofa set, a small coffee table and a warm rug in the middle of the room. The center of the room overlooks the TV rack for shared entertainment at home. 

Dining and kitchen area

Present the design of the kitchen and dining area with an elegant style like this. You can make a kitchen with a galley layout, which allows one side of the counter as a barrier between the kitchen and dining area. Create a contrast in the dining room in this elegant white chair set. 

Master bedroom design


Still with white walls, the arrangement of the bed is close to the wall to provide a more spacious bedroom and sufficient or passing traffic in the room. The nightstand is placed to put a night light and small equipment such as a smartphone when going to sleep. 

Plan details

  • Floor area: 7.50 m x 8.00 m (60 sq.m)
  • porch with a size 5.2 m x 1.5 m,
  • living area with a size of 4.7 m x 3.0 m,
  • dining area and kitchen with a size of 5.2 m x 5.0 m, 
  • master bedroom with a size of 3.2 m x 3.25 m, 
  • bedroom with a size of 2.8 m x 3.0 m, 
  • toilet and bath with a size of 2.3 m x 1.75 m,
  • service area with a size of 5.2 m x 1.5 m. 

Hopefully, those Simple Modern House 60 Sqm Floor Area with 2 Bedrooms are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about modern house designs. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Artman is a collection of minimalist home designs and floor plans from simple to modern minimalist homes. In addition, there are several tips and tricks on home decorating various themes. Our flagship theme is the design and layout of the house, the inspiration of the living room, bedroom, family room, bathroom, prayer room in the house, the terrace of the house and the child's bedroom. 

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