Amakan Half-Concrete House for a Cozy and Relaxing Day -- If you're looking for home inspiration that can gibe you peace and a relaxed atmosphere, this is the right review for you. Carrying the concept of a half-concrete Amakan house with a modern interior inside. This house is designed to be family-friendly with seniors in it. Makes it great even as a retirement home. 

Let's take a look at more details on Amakan Half-Concrete House for a Cozy and Relaxing Day!

Exterior perspective

Yolie Fetalino Fos

The first thing that catches our attention is the exterior appearance of the house. Using typical Amakan walls with bamboo poles as terrace lattices and part of window coverings. The front of the house has a small terrace as a place to relax. There is still a front yard that's ideal for growing a variety of plants and flowers that give a fresh atmosphere. 

Well-coated concrete walls

Wall foundation using half-concrete. The outside is left in its natural gray appearance. However, for the inside of the house, this half-concrete is covered with a kind of white foam wall with an embossed effect. This gives a more cozy and soothing color contrast to the atmosphere in the house. 

Simple living area

Yolie Fetalino Fos

To create a harmonious home design with the native Amakan style, you can choose simple wooden furniture such as wooden benches and chairs like this. Make the most of the walls to install painting to increase the visual appeal of this living area. 

Floating TV and audio design

You can save money by installing the TV on the wall, instead of placing it in a special cabinet. Do that too to put your audio set on the wooden floating shelf attached. Just make sure that the TV and audio set are firmly attached. 

Modern clean kitchen

Yolie Fetalino Fos

This house separates a dirty kitchen and a dry kitchen or a clean kitchen. The clean kitchen design is made as beautiful as this. With a combination of white and kitchen furniture in fine wood. It gives the impression of a modern kitchen that has a natural and cozy style. 

Well designed ceiling

Carrying the half-concrete Amakan native style, this house take all aspects of the house into account. This room has an up ceiling design in a combination of white and blue. Ceilings make the space neater and cover the roof construction well. 

Dining area

Yolie Fetalino Fos

Having a separate dining area will make it easier for you. The dining area can be made near the dry kitchen earlier. When not in use you can put green plants to freshen up the room.

Clean hallway

You can make a small space or hallway a functional place. As in this house, using a small hallway to install a mirror in ethnic with a shoe rack underneath. Cleanliness supports visually the space looks special. 

Simple and cozy bedroom

Yolie Fetalino Fos

This house has only one bedroom. The room design still emphasizes the Amakan and half-concrete walls in their natural appearance. The bed is positioned in the middle of the room to get a better bedroom flow and energy. 

Dirty kitchen

Separating the dirty kitchen and dry kitchen will provide effectiveness. This will keep your room clean. Dirty kitchen designs use ceramics that are easy to clean from cooking stains. The exposed concrete floor is not a problem. 

Toilet and bath design

Yolie Fetalino Fos

The bathroom still has a modern vibe. It has a shower with a beautiful patterned waterproof curtain, a toilet, and a sink, The bathroom has a window to keep it dry and not easy to grow mold and mildew. 

Hopefully, those Amakan Half-Concrete House for a Cozy and Relaxing Day are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about native house designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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