Best Sky Blue Color Decor Ideas for Your Home -- The sky blue color is special. It is a hue of color that lifts the mood. Gives the impression of a bright and fresh living space. It's not wrong, if you want to apply sky blue as the main decoration color at home. In addition to being bright, sky blue color will give a positive mood into your home, far from being gloomy and dark. For more ideas, please read on, the best sky blue color decor ideas for your home.

Sky blue living room decorations

Seeing how the sky-blue living room is arranged, so well, makes us want to admire it. Smartly, the owner chose white as the basic color of the room. This makes the sky blue color in soft furnishings, such as sofa cushions, a rug, and wall decorations look more attractive, becoming the center of attention in the room. 

Gold accents in sky-blue room decor

Another option to make a sky-blue living space more elegant is to add gold accents. You can do this by choosing a wall decor in a shiny gold tone like this. Effortlessly, gold accents add a classy and elegant impression to the sky blue room decor. 

Sky blue TV room ideas


In fact, the sky-blue color is still suitable to be combined with other colors and materials. For example, in this TV room. Sky blue works well as the main wall color behind the TV. The surrounding space is dominated by earthy tones in darker colors. So creative and make the house not boring in sky blue color decorations. 

Let the sky-blue surround you

It is said that sky blue hues are ideal for a quiet space, such as a sky blue bedroom. This color hue gives the bedroom a bright and calming look. The sky-blue color can be applied as a color for bedroom walls with a combination of white to make it less monotonous. Choose mattress bedding in a floral pattern and matching blue and white.

Gorgeous sky-blue dressing table


Walls in sky-blue paint are best to use furniture in white. You can use an empty corner as a dressing table. Choose a floating white table model and a wall-mounted mirror to save space in the room. 

Rustic and sky blue color decor

No more confused about enjoying a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. This house provides a special room for it, a coffee bar. The sky blue atmosphere is clearly visible here, but the addition of rustic elements and decorations makes this coffee bar feel warmer and more serene. 

Sky blue kitchen decorations


Don't leave the kitchen untouched by the sky-blue. Even though it's small, your kitchen can have a bright and sweet sky blue feel like this one. It's nice to see the kitchen furniture in sky-blue color neatly lined up on the rods. You can also add decorations in the form of green plants in the corner of the room. 

Sky-blue laundry decor ideas


Last but not the least, get a laundry with sky blue color decor. Instantly, cover the body washing machine with sky-blue sticker to make the laundry area looks harmonious with other spaces. 

Hopefully, those Best Sky Blue Color Decor Ideas for Your Home  are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about blue home decor ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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