Native Home Designs That Make Us Appreciate Simple Living -- Not everyone wants a big modern house. There are also people who want to liven in a simple native style house, the most important thing is to bring comfort and tranquility in it. If you are one of the latter, this is an interesting review for you. 

This native house has its charm. Using bamboo material that gives a fresh and natural vibe. And there are some features that make this house is also good for a vacation home. More ideas? Here is native home design that makes use appreciate simple living.

Fresh and fun exterior perspective

Look how beautiful the exterior and landscape of this house is! Being dominated by bamboo and a red roof that blend nicely with the lawn in front of it. Gives a natural and fresh home atmosphere. The house also features a minimalist swimming pool with a simple cover. This swimming pool can be a recreational place for families who live here.  

Interior design

Entering the house, you will still find a native-style room. The construction of walls and stairs made of bamboo with Amakan wall cladding is the main attraction of this house.  Everything is still all bamboo and wood. Even so, the room will look more colorful with the installation of decorative paintings like in the picture. 

Simple cement floor

Floor footing are kept simple and budget-friendly. Using exposed cement with a rough finish, which somehow still looks good with the bamboo construction around it. This floor gives a simple impression that's still comfortable to look at and live in. 

Multifunctional corner

You may notice this house doesn't have a lot of stuff. Maybe this house is more used as a vacation home. Apart from that, a simple arrangement is a way to make a native house look spacious. The corner of the room can be used as a multifunctional area to put things, such as a mat, books, and card games. 

Kitchen area

Traditional kitchen designs incorporate natural elements, including the wind, to freely enter into it. Therefore, the kitchen has a design using wooden mesh windows that allow air to enter and refresh the kitchen area. Another part still uses glass windows for natural light to brighten up the kitchen.

Simple bedroom design

This Amakan walled bedroom has a simple arrangement. A wooden bed covered with mats is placed in the corner of the room. The air conditioner was replaced with a mini fan to prevent residents from feeling too hot. The bedroom is also more lively by installing decorative paintings on the Amakan walls. 

Another bedroom design

The second bedroom is not much different from the previous one. Features a wooden bed with a simple mattress. The bed position surrounded by a wall with windows. Adding window blinds in green color that matches the fun, it's a great idea to make the simple room look fresh and nice. 

Thanks for reading Native Home Designs That Make Us Appreciate Simple Living. Hopefully, those pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about simple native home designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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