Green Theme Inspire House for Green Lovers -- Houses with shades of green do give an extraordinary fresh vibe. The easiest way to have this is by painting the exterior and interior walls in green. Choose your favorite green shade! The bright-green color will make your home look lively and lovely. A green house like this does attract attention, it will also make it easier for guests to find your home address easily. Let's take a look the the reviews of this green theme inspire house for green lovers.

Exterior walkthrough

Cristina Duran Catabona

We were blown away by how the exterior of this house looked. The deep green paint on the exterior walls matches the white paint frame on the windows and doors of the house. Natural stone accents look good on the terrace pillars and the supporting walls. Make this green house more lively and not monotonous in green. 

Versatile terrace

The front porch is expanded to get two different terrace functions. The terrace in front of the main door as entry access, and a special terrace as a terrace garden to relax surrounded by houseplants. Unique outdoor benches, like the one above, looks great against the green walls and is perfect to be a focal point there. 

No wasted space

Cristina Duran Catabona

This house also makes good use of the outside area. The small outdoor corner is still used as a dry container garden with gravel beds and succulents plant that can grow well there. The corner of the house also has rocks in various colors to make the house so colorful. 

Pretty terrace ceiling

The front porch can be said to be the face of the house. It reflects the style of the homeowner. You certainly want to get a good impression when people see your terrace. One way is to consider the best ceiling design for the terrace. The house with green shades looks epic, using a flat ceiling with embossed accents to add dynamism. 

Green interior decor ideas

Cristina Duran Catabona

When you enter the house, you should enter a green world. Yes, the all-green concept is used to get an interior like this. Not only interior walls, but also furniture and soft furnishings in vibrant green. The floor in white tiles to visually balance the space. The green walls are cleverly painted in a color other than green, which gives a nice, refreshing accent to the room.

Green dining decor ideas

Don't miss having a green dining area, if you are a green lover. You can leave the set of chairs and dining table in their original color, like black or wood color. It will match the green walls. However, if you prefer to go all out, it's okay to cover the chairs and table with a special green cloth for that. 

Simple green bedroom

Cristina Duran Catabona

This bedroom is not so much green. The bedroom has green walls and carpeted floors in a 4-tone mosaic tile pattern. This will make the occupants of the room not bored with the green atmosphere. 

Neat green bedroom

This green bedroom has a neat arrangement. Windows facing the sun are best fitted with curtains in pink and green. The light will be filtered a little and make the bedroom not too hot. Pink accents on it also makes the room softer. 

Thanks for reading Green Theme Inspire House for Green Lovers. Hopefully, those ideas and pictures are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and simple home designs and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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