Low-Budget Ideas for Kids Bedroom Makeover

Helloshabby.com -- Everyone, even children, need their bedroom. The bedroom is a place where they grow, unwind, and play. For that as parent, it is our duty to give children a comfortable bedroom. A comfortable bedroom design doesn't have to be with a big budget, adjust the budget you have with their favorite things to get their simple dreamy bedroom. You can take a look at these pictures for low-budget ideas for kids bedroom makeover.

Kids-friendly pink bedroom


This pink bedroom is not only kid-friendly, it's pocket-friendly too. Removing the bed and leaving the soft mattress directly on the floor. A low bed will minimize the risk of injury from falling out of bed. This also saves you from having to buy a bedframe that can fill the space. Using decorations and all-pink knick-knacks to complete the white interior on it. This is the perfect bedroom for beautiful girls. 

Compact small bedroom


Not all of us have big houses, small houses make bedroom for children also small. Even so, don't be discouraged, we can make it so stunning. Applying blue and white will make a small space feel airy and bright. You can follow the arrangement in this bedroom for a neat tiny bedroom. The kid surely will love this kind of bedroom.

Make their toys room decorations


Every child must have toys, whether cute dolls or something else. Instead of being left idle in a closed toy box, you can help them to neatly display their toys on special shelves. A collection of their favorite dolls or figurines will be a pretty decoration that brightens the bedroom. 

Fun bunk bed ideas

Making each bedroom, for each child, will cost a lot. Instead of changing the house design, opt out for a child's bedroom with a bunk bed. This is a great way to make a comfortable shared-bedroom for the kids. Use safe bunk bed designs with their favorite color. The green color will give a pleasant, fresh atmosphere in the room. This bunk bed design also features double wardrobes and more storage to keep their personal items.

Double bed ideas


Another bedroom design for a shared-bedroom for sisters. In an elongated space, you can put two neatly lined beds like this. Discuss with sibling how their bedroom would look like. The shared bedroom looks sweet and elegant with purplish pink tones and is lively with adorable wall decorations. 

Saving-space bunk bed 

The last bedroom uses a bunk bed room design. Bunk bed with mini ladder. The bedroom is made of navy-blue with thematic to give a fresh blue ocean vibe. Children tend to like the bunk bed design for the experience of going up and down stairs and choosing an upstairs or downstairs bedroom. 

Hopefully, those 6 Low Budget Ideas for Kids Bedroom Makeover are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small room children ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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