Gray House You'll be Dreaming About Tonight -- Gray is a color that some people may find boring. However, we all know better. Gray is such a versatile hue. It can make a home timelessly beautiful and  elegant. While on the subtle side, a nice combo of grays will take a house to the next level. You'll find the best example at these gray house you'll be dreaming about tonight.

Stunning gray facade design

Gray is a color that blends well with other neutral. Apply it to the house's exterior with accents of white, deep gray - light gray, and black. It all contributes to the house's modern and elegant appearance. Bring gray to the wood-stripes accents to make the house more lively. 

Wise gray space

Some people prefer a home with wise space. This provides better flexibility of movement. Still in the gray family, gray enters this space in reasonable quantities through the use of curtains and white floors with gray lines. Adding greenery also bring freshness and life to the space. 

No more awkward space

There are no awkward corners in this elegant home! It's a smart idea to include indoor plants. It makes no difference whether the plants are artificial or organic. Artificial plants continue to add freshness to the scene, while organic plants provide fresh air but with additional care. 

Modern comfy bedroom ideas

After a lot grays things, the bedroom doesn't have to get that color anymore. A bedroom with green mint walls can create the impression of a fresh yet calming environment. The wood-toned floor perfectly complements it. Next, just fill in the furniture needed for a comfortable and functional bedroom. 

Clean look kitchen

A kitchen is where's the home chef makes their delicious dishes. In this area, the kitchen will be able to accommodate more kitchen furniture and cooking ingredients. Just add cabinet and some shelves to optimize storage in the kitchen. 

Nice bathroom design

This bathroom has a single toilet as well as a bath/shower room. A glass partition separates the two areas, providing a clear boundary. The subway bevel wall tiles have a bring impact on the bathroom. The bathroom looks more dynamic. Meanwhile, the other walls is more adorable with the cute plant stickers on it. 

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Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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