6 Loft Bed Ideas to Turn a Tiny Room into a Cozy Oasis

Helloshabby.com -- The smaller the square footage we have, the smarter we have to be to deal with it. Win amazingly big views on tiny spaces for loft bed ideas. A loft bed bedroom with a loft bed can serve more purposes. You can get a bed with a studious nook that helps finish projects on time. More ideas are in 6 loft bed ideas to turn a tiny room into a cozy oasis.

1. Loft bedroom with a spacious living space

Get a small bedroom that works well, similar to a flexible, compact apartment. Lift the ceiling to make room for a cozy loft bed. Install skylights to make it bright and allow you to gaze at the stars. 

Take the stairs aside and have some living space inside with a couch and rug facing the TV for a cozy, stylish loft bedroom. 

2. Loft bed with studious nook

This loft bedroom meets all of its owner's requirements. The bed is not made very high, but it is enough for the stage model. The bottom of the bed is cleverly used as a wardrobe with space-saving sliding doors. There is still space to have a studious nook to do the task there. 

3. Make it Built-in

If you are unsure about a loft or bunk bed with a freestanding frame, go with built-in loft bed. The upper floor foundation are made of solid and durable materials. Just like this bedroom, a wooden ladder leads to a sturdy landing and a comfy bed. A sleek table and wooden chairs create a good workspace there. 

4. Get a strong railing

Incorporate the best railing design for your loft bed. You can use a high iron railing with a glass surface to increase visibility. Extend the bed railing for the stair railing. This bedroom is also fantastic, with a compact double workstation that has a window to make it feel less cramped. 

5. Loft bed for the twins

You, as a parent, may be planning to make a bedroom for the twins or siblings. This twin loft bed design idea is the best reference. The small room was converted into a shared bedroom with bunk beds. The upper floor serves as a bed, while the lower floor works good as a study-space for both. 

6. Spacious and airy loft bed

Loft beds are sometimes designed to be too crowded. Make it breathable. Make sure the ceiling is high enough from the upper floor to avoid the impression of being narrow. Likewise for the lower floors. It's a great idea to minimize decorations and maximize windows in a loft bed like this one. 

Hopefully, those 6 Loft Bed Ideas to Turn a Tiny Room into a Cozy Oasis are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bedroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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