Beautiful Living Room Ideas to Update Your Home -- The living room is the place that's used the most. It has to look good but also be comfortable and functional. Arranging the living room will be a challenge, especially for those of you who have a small space. We present interesting reviews and pictures for ''Beautiful Living Room Ideas to Update Your Home''.

Elegant white & blue color scheme

Go use the best color for the living room. You can use a solid white and blue scheme. It would be a charming color contrast in a small living room. Dark blue can give a strong dimension to a room. Beautify with wall decorations on floating shelves to liven up the room.

Bright blue for a dreamy living room

Blue can be used in a variety of ways in the living room. Any soft furnishings in a bright blue color scheme, such as this one. Blue things will really pop against white-themed interiors. More seating in the room for a stylish yet functional living room.

Soothing living room ideas

You might be more interested in a living room that gives off a soothing atmosphere. This living room serves as an inspiration. The cool green sofa and the subtle gray walls create a calming vibe here. The three stacked, floating shelves with tiny plants bring life here.

Lively color accent

Tired of an uninteresting center wall? Take a maximalist approach. Create a focal point in a striped or geometric-style living room, such as this one. This wall looks charming and effortlessly makes the living room more lively. In this one-of-kind geometric wall, you can install floating shelves to store some books.

Wood-inspired living room

Accept the non-square or symmetrical space. This is the time to emphasize it. Use vinyl flooring or wood-inspired flooring to give it the cozy feel you're craving. Choose some other wood-inspired furniture to enhance the natural wood feel even more. The living room will also give off a calm and fresh rural atmosphere.

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