Brilliant Simple Room Renovation Ideas -- When you feel that you don't feel at ease in your bedroom, it could be a sign that you need to renovate or at least redecorate it. Room renovation doesn't always require a lot of money to make it more comfortable. Even simple, low-cost fixes will make a room feel brand new again. 

Check out some ideas to renovate an old room into something new in brilliant simple rom renovation ideas.

Start from the most important

When remodeling a room, go all out or prioritize the most important aspects first. If the pain on your bedroom walls is peeling or mildew is growing on them, you may need to do a new treatment. You can repaint it or improve air circulation so it's not too dam.

New wall, new look

Walls in a new color and style will instantly bring new energy. You can try a three-style wall. One wall is gray, the center wall is a zigzag pattern in brown tones, and one is a wave painting. A bed that is too big can also be replaced with a low wooden bed to make the room feel spacious and airy.

Well-designed corners

Always try to embrace the dimensions of the room, regardless of size. It's great to fill a corner space with angled furniture, so there's no awkward corner space. The vertical area in the corner of the room is also improved by installing a floating shelf for books.

Complete the room with curtains

Bedrooms with windows are preferable. It provides brighter rooms and better air circulation. If privacy is compromised due to a window, don't hesitate to add curtains that matches the walls. Curtains will work to provide and add a beautiful ornamental touch.

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