Clever Ideas to Make Open-Plan Work for Everyone -- Some houses have an open-space design that connects interactional areas such as the dining room, living room, and kitchen into one without a partition or solid wall. 

A room without a partition will make the room seem bigger. Nonetheless, the layout of the room must be carefully considered to keep it from feeling cramped and crowded.

If you're looking for inspiration for an open-plan scheme for your home, scroll down for more details at clever ideas to make open-plan work for everyone.

One big space that work double

Look at your big room! Understand your needs and how this space works before deciding on an open-plan interior.  The open-plan design is idea for those who prefer sociable spaces with free-flowing floors. It's great for making one large space double as a living room, lounge, and dining area.

Leave in white

An open-plan scheme that serves multiple purposes is more efficient. If the room is large enough, choose large furniture sets. Use white for the color of floors, walls, and ceilings. 

The white color will make the room more spacious and bright. These walls and ceiling will act as a visual connection, preventing the living room and kitchen from not looking like they belong together.

Add wow facto with pendant lights


Even in one space, it's great for making different areas have different vibes. Other than using different furniture designs, lighting can be used to create various ambiances. Install various lighting fixture to create the desired mood. For the living area bright pendant lights, dim pendant light for a warm and intimate dining area.

Child-friendly open-plan scheme


If you have kids, consider that factor into your open-plan design. You may have to work on other things while watching your children. You can use an open-space design with a designated area for your child to play. This will make it easy for you to keep an eye on your little one.

A dedicated open-plan for family occasion


An open area with an open-plan scheme is good for those of you who like family gatherings. More members can gather in the main room, which is integrated with the TV room, kitchen, and even a dry garden area. This spacious room also have extensive ventilation to get a better air circulation.

No square space, no problem


Not all multifunctional spaces are square. Embrace unusual dimension to create functionally open-plan concept in the home. It's not to convert a corner space into a cozy living room; a long coffee table fits snugly between the kitchen and lounge zones.

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