Gorgeous Before & After Home Renovation with Pictures

Helloshabby.com -- For some reason, many of us choose to buy old homes. Costs that are more affordable lead us to choose houses that ready for occupancy, even if they may require some renovations in the process.

We've rounded up the best remodeling ideas for small homes. This concept can be applied to those of you who are bored of your home's atmosphere or want to improve it.

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Before: Embrace square footage

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Take a look at the previous space. It is an unorganized space, even making the house look uninhabited. Before beginning renovations, consider how the space will be transformed into a more presentable place.

After: a cozy and functional kitchen

This space has been beautifully converted into a kitchen. A dirty kitchen where main dishes are prepared. It has concrete countertop in L-shaped layout that fit perfectly for the angular space. The top of the kitchen has a skylight to provide good natural light for the kitchen.

Before: bye-bye, old paint

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Not all renovations have to change building's structure or construction. Consider what is simple without requiring a lot of money or effort. It's as easy as saying goodbye to old, faded paint.

After: New Paint, New Styling

A fresh coat of paint will give the living room a new look. White is a versatile wall color that works well in any setting. The white color would be good for the living room background. It gives a modern minimalist vibe with its setting. Adding plants to a space's corner is equivalent to adding freshness to it.

Before: No corner is too deserted

Even after cleaning, this are remains functional. Yo do, however, want a house that's more functional from the front to the back. This area can do much more than the image shows.

After: corner mini bars

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You have a kitchen at the back of the house; this area would be better suited for a minibar corner. A corner minibar is the answer to the question of where to make light snacks or have a leisurely breakfast. Elegant and fully functional if you create an L-shaped countertop that helps you work more efficiently.

Before: Don't fiddle with windows!

Windows are always needed in every room. Try not to tamper with windows that are already functioning properly to give the room natural light and better air circulation into the room.

After: stylish bedroom setting

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Some upgrade ideas go into the bedroom. The tile floors were replaced with wooden-inspired floors, the beige walls with white walls, and more. This creates a bedroom that feels cozy and clean. The bed uses a low model with wooden bed that perfect the bedroom design.

Before: stiff cupboard

It's a great idea to use this nook as a place to put a wardrobe. However, you can see there are some empty space in the upper areas that can optimized better. 

Before: built-in storage

Invest more in the best clothes storage in the room. Instead of ready-assembled wardrobes that are too stiff for the nook, opt for built-in wardrobes that fit the dimensions of the space perfectly. The bedroom will remain elegant, but you'll have more storage.

Thank you for taking time to read Gorgeous Before & After Home Renovation with Pictures. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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