Simple Home Decor Ideas but Big Impact -- It's almost a new year; are there any plans to give your home a new look? If so, you can see the inspiration for this simple home renovation idea. This house has a unique touch to the ceiling. Renovating the house's ceiling does sound complicated.. However, once completed, the interior will be so stylish and good.

Keep reading for simple home decor ideas but big impact.

Trim weeds

Lucky you if you have a house with an open yard. It gets even better with grass growing and covering the ground perfectly. Keep watching the growth. Do not any wild plants or shrubs to take over your lawn. Keep it green and nicely-manicured for a simple but relaxing home vibe.

Ceiling decorating touch

Does the ceiling or roof show signs of damage? Repair it right away! The roof and ceiling are the primary elements that give a the house with a sense of security. Consider adding an aesthetic touch after the repair process. You can decorate a room by incorporating a false ceiling design.

Stunning false ceiling design

Give the interior a 'false ceiling' touch. This is a secondary ceiling that hangs below the main ceiling. The use of suspension cables or other special supports makes it look beautiful and strong while hanging. False ceilings can be made of several materials, such as gypsum board, asbestos sheets, wood, particle board, and etc.

Exotic light

The false ceiling will be even better with decorative lighting. It's good for accentuating ceiling with bright light as ambient lighting. Incorporating soft dim yellow light just below the main creates a warm atmosphere. The blue glow on the ceiling corner lamp adds an exotic neon touch.

Ceiling for entertainment atmosphere at home

This type of ceiling is ideal for improving your home entertainment. It's perfect for lighting it up when hosting karaoke nights at home. This ceiling will also create the right atmosphere if you want to watch movies at home.

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