Take a Small House to the Next Level with Pink

Helloshabby.com -- Creative ways make a small house look extraordinary. We've put together ideas and pictures of small houses that will blow your mind. This is a review of a pink-toned house that's perfect for a small or compact size. The pink color centers elegantly, giving a touch of soft and warm color that's so unforgettable.

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A dedicated space for lovely pink

Don't hesitate to bring pink to small spaces! The pink and white combination will keep the space looking minimalist and elegant. White is great for walls and some accessories, keep the room from being overcrowded. Meanwhile, the soft pink color looks lovely and brightens up the space with adorable patterns.

Big patterns make an impact

Small spaces don't have to use small patterns. That will actually make the room tacky and crowded. You can use large patterns, such as sheets in a large cute kitty pattern or wallpaper in big floral pattern. Big patterns will make a big statement in a small space.

Contemporary metallic touch

It's not necessary for all furniture and accessories to be the same color. Place items with metallic accents to add a unique touch. It's great idea to pick a metallic color to add a contemporary flair to it.

Give negative space

When using a pink theme or other flashy color, make sure there is enough negative space. It refers to the empty space around furniture or decorations. Walls that are left empty and white help the room not seem too crowded or too plain.

Versatile little pink kitchen

Move to the kitchen, the heart of the home. As seen, there is still a strong pink influence in this space. This pink kitchen is set up in an L-shape layout. Remove the upper cabinet and replace it with a wooden floating shelf for storage, ensuring that the kitchen is always handy and spacious.

Mini service area

Laundry areas and mudrooms can be combine. This small space could be styled for a pink washing machine and a cabinet, This cabinet has a wide countertop, which can be used for folding clothes or other purposes. The basket for dirty clothes can be placed under the table.

Refrigerator with pink containers

The refrigerator is the goal when you are thirsty or hungry. Make it the best place to keep food. Store some food and drink ingredients in special jars or containers. Choose a pink color to make the fridge match the sweet pink house theme.

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