Cool Bunk Bed Design Ideas for Kids -- Bunk bed bedrooms have become popular recently, especially for children's bedroom designs. This is due to the activity of getting up and down from the bed that children tend to enjoy.  Not to mention, the bed is a solution for small and narrow bedrooms. Imagine that in a small place, children can get a bed, a place to play, and even a place to study all at once. More ideas in cool bunk bed design ideas for kids.

Chic bunk bed ideas

This bedroom is so stylish with its bunk bed design. Bedrooms can be designated as shared bedrooms between siblings or twins. There are two beds here, either upper or lower. The distance between the upper and lower beds is quite well-spaced, so it doesn't feel cramped.

Clear division between two spaces

Preferably when designing a bedroom with a bunk bed, make sure the bed has a high ceiling, so the room doesn't feel cramped. Clearly divide the upper and lower spaces. You can use the lower space specifically for your little one's sleeping area, while the upper space is quite good as a place for them to play or sturdy. Add strong safety, namely railings, so that unwanted things don't happen.

Patterns that give life

Give your children a fun bedroom. After the bunk bed design, give it the colors and patterns that the kids like.  For girls, you can try to design a space with a white base and then fill it with floral, polka-dot, and other patterns in bright and sweet colors.

Blue bunk bed bedroom with toys in it

Boys certainly love bedrooms in cool colors rather than cute ones. You can try to apply blue paint to the bedroom walls. They can learn more by using a world map as a room backdrop. Make it even more fun by providing a spot to place their favorite sports balls.

Cozy bunk bed design ideas

If you invest in a bunk bed design, your child will definitely be happy and proud. Choose the best bunk bed frame. You can design it so that the lower bunk serves as your child's bed and the upper area serves as a place for them to read. Be smarter by choosing a staircase design that also functions as small storage cabinets.

The best bunk bed to share

Bunk beds like this are the right choice for sharing bedrooms. It has a functional lower and upper space. The lower space can be used as their bedroom or reading area. Upper space is good for beds with secure railings.

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