Elevated Bungalow with Elegant Finish for Your Reference

Helloshabby.com -- When we want to build a house, we certainly want to build one that looks good wherever it is. More than that, the house must be comfortable and functional as a living space. Just like this house, it takes on the bungalow style, with beautiful interiors and elegant exteriors. It comes with a spacious porch to hang out on, almost like 3D design that's visually pleasing.

Here are elevated bungalow with elegant finish for your reference.

Inviting front elevation design

Just looking at the outside, this house seems to be inviting its owner to come home soon. It has an outside garden with quite vibrant landscaping. There are a fountain, playground, and paths partially covered with fake grass.

The building's front elevation has an elegant finish. Using a combination of dark gray, light gray, and white for the bungalow. There are natural stone accents on the porch pillars and exterior walls that make the house even more inviting.

House dimension

This bungalow has an elevated design. It is raised a few inches or centimeters above the ground for safety reasons and to give the building a solid and dimensional appearance. This bungalow house has a total floor area of around 120 square meters.

Relaxing front porch

When you like relaxing outside in the shade, consider having a front porch like this one. This lovely porch has wide dimensions that are sufficient for the family to sit and enjoy the outside air without having to leave the house. It has a railing as well as a seat on the front porch.

There are some things that make this house a comfortable place to live. We love house this living room looks simple but exudes functionality as an indoor relaxing space. The earthy brown velvet sofa stands out against the white walls. It has a lot of windows, so the area is well lit during the day.

Sweet bedroom ideas

The house has a lovely bedroom. It features a large bed with a headboard, which gives it a classic and elegant appearance. The side of the bedroom is put to good use by placing a large cabinet that works as shelves and a nook sea facing the window.

White tones kitchen

Don't forget the kitchen. The kitchen is an important place, often called the heart of the house. This kitchen has an L-shaped layout. It has a glossy black tile countertop. The owner will have more worktops in the kitchen if the countertop is longer. There aren't many upper cabinets to give the impression of space, but it's not cramped.

Thank you for taking time to read Elevated Bungalow with Elegant Finish for Your Reference. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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