Living Big in This Small 6 x 9 Meter House | 3 Bedrooms and Balcony --  Get a big life even if you live in a small house. This 6 x 9 meter house design by Kapur Design will inspire you. This house has three bedrooms and a spacious balcony for a comfortable and peaceful family life. This house is also sleek and modern in design, which makes us proud to call it home.

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Alluring front elevation design

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This front elevation carries a simple and modern in design. The building has clean and firm lines. There's not excessive or tacky exterior decoration. Only useful features such as a secondary-skin on the covered porch and a beautiful small container garden.

The deep green color works well with light gray accents with stripes on the walls. It makes the house so elegant with its simplicity.

Right side view

The right-side view has a unique window design. You can see each glass window is shaded by a triangular roof, which adds a cute shape to the right side of the house. This triangular roof also aims to keep rainwater out of the window gaps. This makes the home's design perfect from front to back.

A cozy balcony

The exterior features a balcony on the top floor. You can use it as an outdoor space to chill and unwind. This balcony is only accessible from the inside, this offering special attraction to the house's occupants.

Floor plan reference

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This house looks good even on the first floor. It has all of the space requirements of a family. There are two bedrooms on the ground floor and one in the loft. On a 6 x 9-meter plot of land, there are;
  • terrace / front porch in a size of3.06 m x 1.46 m,
  • bedroom in a size of 2.94 m x 3.94 m,
  • living room and stairs area in a size of 3.06 m x 3.81 m,
  • kitchen and dining area with a size of 2.94 m x 3.66 m,
  • bathroom in a size of 1.9 m x 1.41 m,
  • 1st bedroom in a size of 2.94 m x 3.73 m,
  • 2nd bedroom in a size of 2.94 m x 3.94 m.

Small living room with big style

When you enter the house, you will notice a small living room with big style on it. It featured a black couch facing a large TV mounted on the wall. Up the game by making the under-stairs space look fantastic with the cabinets in there. There is a display space to show stunning beautiful decorations.

Kitchen and dining area

This house comes with a nice kitchen and dining area. The modern kitchen has an L-shaped layout with solid wood finishes and bright white elements. There is enough dining area to put here. A ceiling with an up-ceiling design that adds style here.

Well-decorated bedroom design

There are three bedrooms in this house. Two are downstairs and on is upstairs. The downstairs bedroom has a simple but elegant design like this one. It has a well-decorated center wall in striped wallpaper style and artistic frames. There are windows that let in plenty of light and fresh air.

Versatile attic space

This house is designed with an additional attic floor. The distance from the attic floor to the roof is quite high, so this space serve as a comfortable and versatile floor. It is used for extra bedrooms as well as functional workspaces.

The lounge and workstation

© Kapur Design

Attic floor is quite wide. You can add a relaxing lounge here. Place a set of lounge chairs in front of the TV there. You can also add a work angle with complete features here. The all-white interior helps the space to look clean and spacious.

The whole attic floor design 

This attic space is not made completely as closed chamber. Access from the stairs is made open as void here. There are windows and air vent, so this attic room is not hot and stuffy. this is also where you will access the balcony area.

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