Small House Design with a Country Vibe for a Cozy Life -- For those of us who tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, feeling at home with a country vibe can be both entertaining and relaxing. That's why, some vacation homes are designed with a simple atmosphere in mind, where you can relax with your family.

This house is the best source of inspiration. A well-designed home with a country flair that brings the outside in. This could be the home you want to spend your retirement day, not just a vacation home.

Here is a small house design with a country vibe for a cozy life.

The home veranda brings you closer to nature

Brendan Earl Minglana Pablo

A house like this is perfect for a location that's still natural or has enough land for a green garden. You will find a porch or terrace with a solid wooden floor. This terrace is large and open, which allows you to place a relaxed seat to enjoy a fresh outdoor atmosphere.

Perfect white finish

The use of white on the exterior walls creates a simple and versatile look. White is the perfect color to complement the exterior's wooden accents. A two-level gable roof provides adequate protection for the outbuilding. The ideal roof dimensions will keep rain out of windows and air vents.

Floor plan reference

Brendan Earl Minglana Pablo

This house has a large enough porch. The occupants will get a natural view from inside the house, thanks to the expansion of the living and dining area from the open porch. There is kitchen and laundry area where it hidden around the kitchen air.

The back plan consists of a common toilet and bath, a bedroom with a bunk bed, and the master bedroom, which has its own toilet & bath. It has all the amenities you'd expect from a vacation home.

Cozy living room

A rustic vibe is presented here through the use of a center wall with elegant white painted wood plank accents. The large wooden frames is purposefully left exposed to create a sturdy, warm atmosphere. A big white sofa emphasize the great room, and a wrought-iron chandelier adds a touch of elegance here.

Well-decorated house

Despite having a country vibe, the interior design here evokes a modern, comfortable lifestyle. The common room use an open-space scheme where various textures work together, such as wooden plank walls, pine floors, timber, and even linen. Furniture points in a good direction to create a clear zone and give a sense of a visual divider here.

Kitchen and dining area

Brendan Earl Minglana Pablo

Look how gorgeous the kitchen and dining area. The area is clearly divided thanks to the furniture layout and wall features. The white wooden plank walls in the kitchen contrast beautifully with a burst of green sage pant. This wall also creates a calm and clean atmosphere.

Stunning master bedroom ideas

What's interesting about this house is how well defined the bedroom area is. After the kitchen, you will find a shared bedroom and bathroom.

The main bedroom is located in the very corner. This bedroom is quite ideal for a couple's room. A large bed, wardrobe, and a workstation features can fit in here. There is also an en suite bathroom available for the master bedroom.

Second bedroom with a bunk bed

Brendan Earl Minglana Pablo

This second bedroom uses a bunk bed. It can be used for guest bedrooms or children's bedrooms. The bunk beds look great with a solid wood frame. The addition of a white rug on the floors add to the warm atmosphere here.

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