Simple Tiny House Ideas with Bright and Happy Decor -- Tiny houses can look great---more than we imagine. It may have a comfortable interior, resulting in high standard of living even in a small space. This 42.5 sqm of Mitch Eustaquio's tiny house has some interesting and applicable ideas. Setting a small room with decoration that seem ordinary but have an extraordinary impact.

Scroll down for more of simple tiny house ideas with bright and happy decor.

Neutral and soft colors go well together

© Mitch Eustaquio

This house measures 8 x 8.5 m (42.5 sq m). The estimated cost without furniture is 348k pesos.

Neutral colors are always great for tiny homes, they give them a clean and spacious feel. The color white can be used on the floor and the ceiling. Adding light bight or any other light shades will give a warm and sweet feel to the room.

Merry living room

You won't let the living room look so gloomy, right? Bring an aesthetic wall backdrop for the TV area. It adds such a stunning pattern and texture to the room.

When Christmas is coming, bring the tiny Christmas tree and place it on the corner of your living room. The Christmas tree in vibrant decor exudes a cheerful atmosphere.

L-shaped countertops

© Mitch Eustaquio

When a tiny house only has a small kitchen, that's not the end of everything. You can use an L-shaped layout for the countertop. You will have more workspace that's perfectly fit to corner space. You can also convert the underneath countertop into a cabinetry.

No upper cabinet for a spacious feel

Speaking of kitchens, surely you need a place to put some kitchen appliances and spices right? Refrain from bringing a lot of stuff into the kitchen. Upper cabinets are unnecessary in a small kitchen. This layout will prevent the small kitchen from feeling cramped and stuffy.

Lovely pendant lights

© Mitch Eustaquio

The kitchen must have main lighting, but it's also not wrong to have decorative or accent lighting. Install pendant lights, especially on the dining table. Pendant lights will give this space a warm, detailed glow. It also draws attention to the dining area.

Soothing bedroom ideas

Bring a soothing feel to your bedroom. You can decorate the room in brownish things. It's great to cover the floor with a soft velvety rug. The rug makes the room feel warm too. You can pick a bed with underneath cabinet to make you have a more storage.

Master toilet and bath

© Mitch Eustaquio

If possible, the master bedroom would be better off with an en suite bathroom. It does't need to be too big; small bathrooms also work well. Use a special bathroom door to make the area less humid and provide privacy without having to look into the bathroom too often.

Thank you for taking time to read Simple Tiny House Ideas with Bright and Happy Decor. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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