7 Best Indoor Plants for The Kitchen

Helloshabby.com -- Plants are a versatile decoration that will brighten up any space, including the kitchen. Some plants prefer sunny kitchen, while others prefer kitchens with little sunlight. You can grow any plants in the kitchen, from herb plants to vegetable plants to fruit plants and even refreshing ornamental plants.

Here are the 7 best indoor plants for the kitchen to get you started.

1. Plant herbs by the window

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If you are a homechef, you know how important herbs are for flavoring your food. Grow herb plants in your kitchen. Some herbs thrive in a sunny kitchen like this one. Grow it in style, making the planter hang beautifully by the window. When needed, you can pick fresh herbs here.

2. Grow pothos with style


Put your creative touch on indoor plants. Grow house plants like Sansevieria and Pothos in these kind of pretty planters that sits on kitchen wall. Let your plants dangle beautifully from this lovely planter. Your kitchen will also have an awesome plant spot.

3. Spider plant that accompany you


The spider plant is an easy plant to care for. This plant has excellent survival, even with neglect. You can place it on the countertop to work as an accent to liven up the atmosphere in the kitchen. 

4. Vegs that grow well in the kitchen

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Free yourself to have whatever plants you want in the kitchen. You can put vegetable plants in the kitchen. Vegetable plants can grow well indoors too, as long as you place them in a bright spot with indirect light to make them grow healthy.

5. Green indoor plant that give good things


Green plants that give good things will make a great addition to your kitchen. Some indoor plants will add life to your kitchen. Make the kitchen more lively. Plants like dieffenbachia also help to get rid of lingering smells from food, bins, or cleaning products.

6. Let the leaves dangle in the kitchen


Give personal touches with greenery. A kitchen with more windows and bright light will be a favorite place for plants to thrive. Use plants such as pothos that can grow beautifully under overhangs. Green plants will be a stunning kitchen decoration with an arrangement like this.

7. Potted plants in the countertop

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You can choose plant types such as philodendrons, rubber plants, and other easy-to-care-for plants. Put indoor plants in the right place in the kitchen. Keep it away from sources of fire and heat to keep it drying out and suffering. It's great for arranging potted plants in dry, damp places with shaded light. The plant will make the kitchen more fashionable.

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