Cozy Tiny House Plan to Encourage the Best Simple Life (3.5 x 6.5 m) -- Do you want to build a house but lack the necessary funds? You can begin with a starter home, which you can then expand or renovate it to meet your needs. This tiny house design by AVN Studio - House Design is an excellent choice to begin.

This house comes with the concept of a gentle and lovely house. The house is quite simple, but it has standard amenities that are livable. More ideas about this tiny house design can be found in cozy tiny house plan to encourage the best simple life (3.5 x 6.5 m).

Welcoming front elevation design

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This house has dimensions of 3.5 x 6.5 m ( 12 x 22 ft), making it ideal for a tiny house project. The front elevation offers plenty of curb appeal, which surprisingly makes the house look good on the outside. It has a welcoming front porch with a triangular roof. The exterior walls feature white wood plank lines that give this cozy farmhouse vibe.

More healthy light

The building of the house takes into account the comfort of living there. The front and sides have glass windows that could be opened and closed better. These windows work to provide eye-pleasing natural light during the day. The window in front also enhances the front elevation design, so this tiny house looks so habitable.

Nice morning sunbathing space

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Make the most of the morning sun if your house faces it. Bring some outdoor chairs into the small yard to enjoy the morning sun. Plants around the house are preferable; the plants provide a refreshing atmosphere for a tiny house like this one.

Small yet aesthetic living room

Going inside, you'll find an open and airy living area. It mainly works as a living room. Place a air of single sofas with a small coffee table in the middle. The center of the room feel cozy and aesthetically pleasing by adding patterned round rug. This kind of rug levels up this tiny living room from a stylistic point of view.

Tiny yet modern kitchen design

This tiny house tries to give you all the facilities even in small footage, including a compact tiny kitchen and dining nook. Using single walls to install kitchen furniture and dining table in one row. The kitchen has a stove, a sink, and a small prep table. Backsplash in patterned tiles elevates the kitchen's appearance.

Double working storage

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In the same room, you will also find a feet high storage cabinet. This cabinet works double as storage for personal items and as a divider between the bedroom and other living spaces. This makes your bedroom more private.

The bedroom zone

This is the bedroom in this tiny house. It fits snugly into the small square footage. Have window to give the impression of a bright space that's not too cramped. The aesthetic touch comes from the beautiful decorative frame mounted on the wall.

Hidden laundry area

The laundry area has its own dedicated space. To keep the tiny interior neat and well-designed, the laundry is hidden behind the white doors. The installation and manufacturing this kind of design must follow the expert recommendation.

Modern tiny bathroom ideas

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When the wooden door is slid open, here is the compact bathroom. It met the requirements for showering and self-cleaning. There is a walk-in shower, toilet, and small vanity. The small bathroom is so well-designed, with stone pattern tiles on the walls and lively pattern tiles on the floor.

Interior plan

This is the layout for the interior of this tiny house. It is symmetrical rectangle with proper division of space. Each space has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the owner. The spatial arrangement is simple but stylish, so the house is both comfortable and beautiful.

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