Simple House Ideas on a Shoestring Budget -- A home built with love and hard work undoubtedly be meaningful to its owner. No matter how big or small, a house must have an appeal that makes its occupants comfortable. Luckily, within creativity, a simple home can have a wow factor that enhances the quality of life. It doesn't have to be expensive; low-cost ideas can also be effective in making the house sturdy and livable.

More ideas? Here are simple house ideas on a shoestring budget.

Simple facade option

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The front elevation is also known as the house's face. It gives a sense of the house. Adjust the budget based on your preferred front building design. Leave out complicated front elevation design to save money. Opt for a simple, symmetrical building like this one. Despite its simplicity, it exudes strength and functionality. It's also better financially.

Easy to apply exterior finishes

If you want a small but modern-looking house, choose finishes in minimalist color. Use white-painted walls and matching white tile floors. This creates the appearance of a bright and clean home. The use of deep red tiles for the roof, creates a strong color accents to the exterior finishes.

Clean-look living room ideas

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The living room is the first place that greets the homeowner. It uses white-toned interiors for the walls and floors. The natural accent comes from sofa's solid wood legs. The deep brown color of the sofa provides contrast here. Brown curtains with beautiful patterns also further enliven the living room.

Open-plan scheme for the better

Consider an open-space scheme. Connect the living room, dining area and kitchen. This is great for small homes with one wide space. No solid walls make the room feels bigger and spacious. To avoid feeling cramped, arrange the furniture in the house so that it's not too close to each other.

Bright, solid kitchen ideas

© Chloeabby Ward Hiebert

The kitchen is the hear of the home, where home chefs make a hearty meal. A person who loves to cook deserves a clean and tidy kitchen like this one. It uses a single-wall layout to place the sink and long prep table. More upper and lower cabinets allow for more kitchenware storage.

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