Small Home with Decor Concept for Green Lovers -- Green. It is a color that brings good fortune, freshness, nature, and tranquility. With all the good things about green, it's no wonder that many people fall in love with it. Including using it as the primary color theme for home decoration.

A small house doesn't have to be neutral and uninspiring. Add a splash of liveliness with a fresh green color. You can take inspiration from ''small home with decor concept for green lovers.''

Fresh and stunning green house facade

Show your love for green by applying green paint to exterior wall finishes. Green can appear as a pleasant color to look at. Choose your favorite green tone; this bright green tone gives a fresh look to the house. The roof, which has a mint green color tone, also complete the house' facade.

Chic mix of green interior decor

It's time to enter the room. The interior has the right combination, incorporating earthy colors and fresh greens. White is the main wall color, with green paint as the accent color. Green and white go together, enhanced by the brown tile floor and wooden seating. A combination that creates a natural yet homey atmosphere in the room.

Lively green kitchen decor ideas

Look how beautiful this kitchen is! The white walls and green cabinetry make it appear light and airy. Adding a tile backsplash enhances the kitchen's design. It is well-designed with small windows and bright light, so the kitchen is not stuffy or dark.

Incorporate dining set into the green kitchen

This kitchen has an L-shaped layout. This leaves the center space of the kitchen empty; if your home is too small, you can place the dining table and chairs in the middle. Choose chairs in dine wood colors that complement one another. Use slim furniture for maximum space efficiency.

Exclusive green kitchenette

The house's kitchen is fascinating. It's in a specially designed spot. When you enter the kitchen, you'll be greeted by a green entrance that matches the kitchen's green theme. The sides of the kitchen entrance are elegantly decorated with shelves full of the porcelain collection. This makes the kitchen an exciting zone for green lovers.

The doors are uniformly green

You can adapt the green decor concept in this house. For the living room, green is applied mostly to the ceiling finish, and what is unique are the doors of the room. All the doors have the same green tone, which makes this room more lively and lovely.

Sturdy exposed concrete/cement

Green can be applied to small homes of any style. You can even use it as a home decor idea in a house with exposed concrete or cement walls, such as this one. Green will add a splash of color that refreshes the look of the house naturally.

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