Small Living Room Design Ideas in the Philippines -- Not everyone has a big living room. It might just be small. Even so, don't be discouraged; there are numerous opportunities and ideas for making a small living room cozy and comfortable for any home.

The goal of any interior design in the Philippines is more than just aesthetic. It's also about providing a quality of life that delights its inhabitants, including the living room, which is a vital space in the home.

For you, here are some small living room design ideas in the Philippines

Lighting and bright colors to consider

In a small living room, it is important to incorporate more light sources. In addition to ceiling lighting, it is better to have windows and doors to illuminate the space. The whitewashed walls used will catch the light and give the impression of a clean, larger space.

Incorporate contrast in your favorite color, such as pink. This color is a contradiction that makes the room more personal, sweet, and adorable.

Special features for small living room

Your living room is your style.  It's okay to add more decorations and features to a small living room. Just makes sure there is negative space to keep the room spacious.

Include features based on your needs/favorites. We enjoy karaoke, so installing a TV with a karaoke set in the living room is acceptable. Organize it in this manner for a small, neat, and functional living room.

Minimalist but personal living room ideas

Small living rooms are mostly recommended to use neutral colors, such as white, gray, and fine wood. Light colors like white are necessary to give a bigger look. However, don't limit yourself! You can express yourself through the furniture and decorations. Blue color like this add a personal touch to the space. Its well-arranged composition is striking but not overwhelming.

Balanced styling

The arrangement must be adjusted to the dimensions of the space. A balanced layout is possible for a rectangular living room. The sofa should be arrange as shown above. Simple, slim wall decorations also enliven the space with a pleasingly balanced arrangement. Remove the coffee table in the center to create more space.

Go with classic arrangement

There are many styles to apply to a small living room. You can go with a classic option using hardwood or natural wood floors, like this one. Keep the light-weight rug to give the room a warm and cozy feel. Have a center wall in a contrasting color that's beautifully decorated with some ornamental features there.

Lively green living room

This green-dominant living room design idea is not for everyone. However, we recognize that many of our dear readers adore green living rooms. Green goes to the maximum here. The floor and door are left white to soften the green and keep it from being completely overwhelmed in green.

Thank you for taking time to read Small Living Room Design Ideas in the Philippines. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

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