Small Amakan Home Ideas with Cozy and Beautiful Interior -- Amakan's house may not be the type of house for everyone. However, it has its own meaning and pride for the lovers. Amakan may sound old-fashioned, but many devotees make changes to make their home look beautiful and comfortable. For your reference, here are small amakan home ideas with cozy and beautiful interior.

Front elevation with a comfy porch

Amakan culture adds property value to the home. This kind of home is good for you to make a long-term residence or investment as a vacation home in the suburban. The house looks sturdy with floors in wooden-inspired tile. The front porch is furnished with red sofas facing each other, allowing for casual conversation in the relaxing porch like this one.

Unique native vibe

Amakan is the main attraction here, applied as the wall later featuring patterned diamond pattern in woven bamboo. It is given black lines to show a dynamic and dimensional house. As night falls, the bright, warm light of contemporary chandeliers give this Amakan wall a unique glossy sheen.

Warm smooth wood color

Warm wood tones dominate the interior here. It wasn't entirely constructed of solid wood, but it did have solid tile floor in matching color and amakan walls. The interior has high ceilings and windows to provide comfortable and not stuffy air circulation. Using many bright lighting for a comfy interior atmosphere within its simplicity.

Loft floor design

This Amakan house is built on a limited land. The owner chooses to make use of vertical space to get over it. A loft floor was added just above the kitchen and bathroom construction. A compact staircase to connect the ground and loft floor. Although small, this loft floor look elegant in a simple white finish.

Tiny modern kitchen ideas

The kitchen here is so tiny. It has enough counter space to fit a compact stove and an installed sink. Adding a cooker hood to the stove are will prevent cooking smoke from getting stuck around the house.

This tiny kitchen has an upper cabinet for storage. A tiny kitchen like this must keep you from storing too many kitchenware.

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