Beautiful Simple Home Ideas for Urban or Countryside -- This time, we bring a simple but lovely house review. This house has a wow factor thanks to well-thought-out exterior and interior finishes, making it ideal for urban or countryside living. This house has a relatively small total floor area, making it also good for small landowners as a reference. It will bring you pride and satisfaction.

This is a Beautiful Simple Home Ideas for Urban or Countryside.

Bright and fresh front exterior

The front exterior is so praiseworthy. The front building with its front porch is inviting to be in. The finishing touches use a mint green color that's bright but also gives a soothing atmosphere. This front is cleverly designed with a railing model that also works as a permanent outdoor bench. This front porch can also be used for relaxing outdoors.

Notable window features

Window features are important to consider whether you liven in the city or the countryside. They are useful not only for ventilation and natural light, but also for adding visual appear to the home. The windows in this house are optimally installed on each side of the wall. The windows were chosen for their black glass surface design, which provides privacy by makin the interior less visible from the outside.

Corner view

The house looks majestic from the side, even though the dimensions are not super large. The roof uses a sloping roof model that gives dynamism to the shape of the house. This house also looks better with exterior touches in the form woodplank-style lines applied to the upper wall and lower side. This wood accents gives a bold and solid touch to the exterior.

Mesmerizing exterior details

Let's take a closer look! The finishing details don't look ordinary. It has a mint paint finish with exposed red brick accents applied to the walls below the windows and pillars of the house. This exterior uses natural colors with a glossy effect that gives it a natural and cool look. The terrace floor of the house is also charming with a vibrant hexagonal pattern.

Simple yet charming interior design

The interior here is not yet fully furnished. It is still completely plain, with light beige walls and ceramic tile flooring with a glossy surface. This floor is the highlight of the room that gives a modern feel to the inside. This area can later be used as a living room, or a space with an open -plan scheme for the living room and dining area.

Small, lively kitchen

The kitchen is at the very back of the house. This kitchen looks charming with a permanent countertop covered with black tiles and tiles in a cute cookware symbol pattern. This kitchen is equipped with a sink and an area to place the stove. The kitchen also has a window that can be opened for air circulation, so that the kitchen does not feel hot and stuffy when used.

Toilet and bath design

This bathroom has all the essential furniture. It has a toilet, a small sink, and a shower. Between the shower and toilet is a solid partition to prevent the area other than the shower from getting wet. It is small but well-designed with tiles in a variety of surfaces, from textured white tiles and tiles in a vibrant slate stones look.

Thank you for taking time to read Beautiful Simple Home Ideas for Urban or Countryside. Hopefully, those pictures will be useful to those of you looking for ideas and inspiration for small house design and plan. We hope that this makes it easier for you to build your dream home. Don't forget to share this article with anyone who might find it useful.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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