Low Cost Modern Amakan House Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Amakan house is truly special. It is cost-effective to build but can still have modern vibes that make our lives more comfortable. The half amakan, half concrete house concept has the potential to create a native modern house that is worth considering, especially for those who prefer this style of home. Here are some Low Cost Modern Amakan House Ideas to get you started.

Half Amakan, Half Concrete

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The house's foundation is made of solid concrete. It even has a visible line finish that gives it a solid and dimensional appearance. To emphasize the native vibe, the upper part of the walling is coated with half amakan. The walls of this Amakan, or Kawayan are polished with a natural paint coating that makes them look naturally glossy.

A fresh front porch

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A front porch is important for an Amakan home. The terrace will be a place to sit and relax in front of the house, chatting with neighbors or simply taking in the fresh air. The terrace floor has been used a patterned tiles in a gray color that matches the half-concrete walls and wooden furniture around it.

Accentuate the native vibe with wooden furniture

The front terrace is filled with more wooden and bamboo furniture, as seen. It has a bamboo bench in a solid black color but with a pattern that is so beautifully traditional. There is space to place a small table and a bamboo shelf, which is complemented by houseplants. This kind of furniture emphasizes the impressive authentic feel.

View at night

The look of the house at night remains stunning. The main light on the terrace illuminates the kawayan wall and the half concrete wall. It doesn't look dazzling and gives a beautiful and cool atmosphere, especially with the various houseplants there.

Modern interior ideas

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The interior here has a more modern feel to it. Double-walling allows the walls to be painted plain white for a modern interior. It goes well with tile flooring in granite patterns. There is no excessive furniture and decorations in this space, making the living room feel spacious and airy. It is a good idea to add indoor plants to add freshness.

Simple living room

The living room is well-filled with a sectional sofa and coffee table. The choice of gray and neutral colors in soft furnishings makes this house beautiful in its simplicity. The living room also has an entertainment feature such as mount-wall TV to enjoy together with beloved family.

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