Modest 18 Sqm Tiny House with Lovely Design Ideas -- Many people choose to build a tiny house. It's not only more economical in terms of construction, but it also allows for a more flexible and simple lifestyle. Moreover, there are now many well-designed tiny house design that take into account the comfort and feasibility of living. This two-story house by AVN Studio is one of those tiny house designs.

Let's take a closer look at the Modest 18 Sqm Tiny House with Lovely Design Ideas.

Front elevation design

AVN Studio - House Design

This house has a high-rise design. This allows a vertical space such as a loft, to be added into a functional space. The exterior is finished in a neutral and bright color scheme. The striped walls look sunny in a soft peach paint color. It gets more colorful with a door and windows in blue that complement this tiny two-story house design.

The corner view

An area of 3m by 6m can become a lovely tiny house as this. The house is shaded by a gable roof for the interior, allowing for a more comfortable and less cramped attic space. The front elevation also has a sloping roof terrace, which you can use as a welcoming space or simple relaxing spot in this kind of house.

Beautiful terrace design

The front porch has a beautiful design that you can easily try at home. The wood-inspired flooring creates a warm atmosphere in this terrace. Despite its small size, there is enough space for a wicker lounge chair, potted plants, and hanging plants. Surrounded by greenery and blooming flowers, this small terrace will be a place to soothe your body and soul.

The floor plan reference

AVN Studio - House Design

This is a house plan reference. It measures 3 x 6 meters and has a total floor area of 36 to 40 square meters. The first floor will be dedicated to living space, including the living room, stair, kitchen, and bathroom. The second floor is dedicated to the bedroom, which includes a working space.

Ground floor interiors

Opening the main door, you will find a tiny kitchen and a versatile dining area. The furniture is arranged against the walls to create a spacious living area and comfortable movable space. The kitchen is small but enough for you to do practical cooking.

Cozy and colorful living room

The living room is beautifully filled with a cozy white sofa. The sofa was enhanced with cushions in orange and gray that enlivened the look. An abstract patterned rug was added to give style and warmth to the room. This interior with a living room and kitchen does not look boring, thanks to the well-picked and well-arranged wall decorations.

Attic bedroom ideas

The master bedroom is located upstairs. It is installed on the attic or loft floor to provide a more spacious and airy sleeping space. The bed is set off to the side with a nightstand, bed lamp, and window for natural light. In this modest home,  there is enough space for 4-door wardrobe, shelves, and even a workstation.

Another angle

This is a view of the bedroom from another angle. The bedroom feels spacious and airy. It has tall railing in a sleek design for a flawless but safe look. You can also bring in potted plants to give the loft bedroom a fresh ambience.

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