Turning a Tiny Space into a Beautiful, Relaxing Bedroom

Helloshabby.com -- Small spaces should not limit our creativity to have a cozy essential space. Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion inspires us to transform a small space into a beautiful loft bed with full amenities. The upper section is for sleeping or lounging, while the lower section is for dressing. It's a cute escape room that's a great idea for girls.

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Before: Small square footage

© Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion

This was a small space before it was completely transformed. With a limited area, it may need some essential changes to make a small room livable. Surely, careful planning will help to get a cozy small space makeover.

Before: Some key changes made

Some significant changes were made. First, the exposed concrete structure was smoothed out to make painting easier.  Second, a wood ceiling was installed. A wooden ceiling will absorb heat from the roof rather than make the room feel so hot. A wooden ceiling will also give the room a better look. Third, this room takes on a bunk bedroom idea. Therefore, the bunk bed frame was installed.

After look: sturdy bunk bed frame

This is how the space looks like after going through the initial stages. The small space has smooth walls ready to be painted in favorite color. The bunk bed frame is also well installed, this frame is made of sturdy solid wood material. The lower part has several items, including cabinets, an L-shaped floating table, and storage cabinets.

Multifunctional staircase

© Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion

A staircase is required to access the upper part. The staircase is made to be strong but also versatile. It has space-saving storage drawers.

Doing painting

This will be a private space, so the owner painted the walls and items herself in her favorite color.

The final look

© Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion

This is the final look of this small-space makeover into a beautiful, stylish bedroom. Pink is the dominant color in this room. With the floor left in its original white tile color, it still looks fresh. This room is also kept comfortable, thanks to the installation of air conditioning to maintain a normal room temperature and humidity levels.

Artsy geometric walls

Let's take a look at the finishing details here. The room looks cool in pink color, especially from the wall in geometric pattern style. This wall adds style and makes the room so lively and lovely.

Well-organized corner

© Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion

Small spaces need to be perfect in every corner. This corner is used as a dressing table with a sleek L-shaped floating table in a cute pink color. It also had open shelving and floating shelves to put items on.

Stylish vertical handbag rack

One more stylish angle to appreciate. It has a vertical shelf dedicated exclusively to storing handbags. Although not large, this pink shelf with a collection of bags makes this room more special and personalized.

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Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : © Haizel Joy Cailes Salvacion

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