Green Home Decor Ideas on A Budget -- Yes, we've heard you. Many people ask us again and again for more interior design with the green decorations.  Although we have displayed many interior designs with green color, but the fans of green home decor is endless. For that, we are also more excited to display the idea of home decor with shades of green. So, are you ready to see the next green home decor ideas?  This green house is beautifully arranged, and you can imitate even for a small fee. Check out the reviews of Green Home Decor Ideas on A Budget,  below: 

Simple White and Green Living Room

Lime green goes well with white color. This combination makes this living room look fresh and airy. Not much decoration laid out. Just the curtains that frame the windows neatly are enough to decorate the room. Other than that, you can pick the throw pillow with more bold color, like black, purple and pink. That throw pillow become contrast that enrich the look of your space. 

Green Kitchen Ideas on Budget

Why we call the kitchen ideas above is on budget? It's due to the kitchen design above is excluded upper cabinet. Without the upper cabinet of course you can save more budget, right? Besides, it can make the kitchen look spacious. 

Separate Lounge with Dining Room

Open plan design is often  to be used in a minimalist house. Without permanent partition, a room will look spacious enough. But, we also need to separate the lounge with dining room. Because both room have different function, so the look should also look different. For instance, pick a different furniture will be a good idea to bring different nuances. For a lounge, you can just place a green rug without chair or sofa, just simply sit in that rug. But for the dining room, pick a basic white dining table also the best idea to separate both room.

Go Vibrant with Swirl Pattern Wallpaper

On the easiest and cheapest way to instantly upgrade your room is by choosing a wallpaper. Now, a good deal of wallpaper is available with a variety of patterns and colors at very affordable prices. Just like the wallpaper above. The white as basic and combine with green swirl pattern will make the living room go vibrant. 

Play with Shades of Green 

When you want to have a house in all-green theme, we advise you to pick the furnishings or decorations in variety of shades of green. This is done to make your room look chic and not boring in same green color. 

Lively Dining Room

It is very important to make your living room fresh. So, you can place some plants in the dining room. You can pick a real houseplant or even artificial ones. Those plants surely will make the dining room look more lively and fresh. 

Hopefully those Green Home Decor Ideas on A Budget are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home decor ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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