Modern Bungalow House Design Ideas with 3 Bedrooms (120 sqm) -- Bungalow house is a one-story house design which is characterized by a sloping roof and a comfortable and functional terrace. Bungalow houses are very popular as home designs in the past, however, with the development of various sectors, bungalow house designs have also developed with more modern designs. For those of you who want to build a house with a bungalow design, see the following reviews about Modern Bungalow House Design Ideas with 3 Bedrooms (120 sqm).



House facade view

This house with a bungalow design has a modern minimalist look when viewed from the exterior. The choice of natural colors with earth-tone nuances makes the house feel calm and clean. Even though it is dominated by beige color, a touch of yellowish brown color makes it the focal point for the color variations used. In this part of the yellowish brown color, additional wall lights will add a warm and beautiful impression to the exterior appearance of the house.



House terrace view

The bungalow house which is characterized by the presence of a comfortable terrace is also displayed in the design of this house. Not only on the front that uses the area as a terrace, but this house also uses the side as a comfortable elongated terrace for relaxing. In this section it will be very comfortable if it is equipped with chairs and some plants that can be displayed to provide extra freshness when relaxing around it.

Side terrace view

In this side terrace area, the use of transparent glass material is dominant to provide maximum lighting for the interior of the house. The use of glass as windows and side doors will also give a contemporary, elegant look.


House roof design

The roof model used by this house design uses a sloping roof model that is made on 2 sloping parts. The right slope will make the roof drain water well when it rains and reduce the risk of leaks. Not only with a sloping roof, this house also uses a flat glass roof model mounted on the terrace.



House plan

Besides being equipped with 3 bedrooms, this house design is also equipped with several other rooms that will create a complete function in the house and make it comfortable. On the side adjacent to the side terrace, there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom which are made in one row of rooms. While in other parts of the room maximized as 3 bedrooms.



Open plan room

The interesting thing about this bungalow house design is the existence of a space that has an open plan concept. Presenting a kitchen and dining room without a partition will make the atmosphere of the room more spacious and fresh. Moreover, the existence of the dining room, which is near the transparent side door, will make the view of eating with family more cool.




That are Modern Bungalow House Design Ideas with 3 Bedrooms (120 sqm) that can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

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