The Prettiest Pink Home Design that will Sweeten Up Your Life -- Have you ever dreamed of a pink home? If so, we would like to help you find your perfect shade of pink for both exterior and interior home design. The house that we will show below has a dominant shade of pink color. The pink color is beautifully applied to the walls, furniture, furnishings to some decorations.

Although pink color does tend to be feminine, but pink color is proven to make people happy. Like this pretty pink house design. The pink things add more life into the home without making it look tacky and childish. Take a sneak peek at this  Prettiest Pink Home Design that will Sweeten Up Your Life. 

chic and trendy

The pink wall for best look

If you're such a pink lover and you proud of it, then make your house exterior design in pink color. Paint the wall exterior in soft pink color, the pink walls tell your character clearly as a proud pink lover. Pick a white color for the finishing color of your doors and windows frame. The combination of pink and white color can give a soft and elegant look into your home. For the last, place a pair of chairs, a coffee table and a rattan chair with pink pads to accompany you to enjoy the  outdoor scenery. 

Super chic and trendy pink living room design 

Create a different feel between the exterior and interior. If the exterior design already uses pink walls, then decide to paint the interior wall with white paint color. Then decorate your room with pink things, for example a pink sofa, a pink stool, a pink rug, tablecloth and more. It will add a chic and trendy twist to your living room. 

Neat room with a touch of blush pink

For a small master bedroom design, you can try to adapt this bedroom layout. The furniture was placed adjacent to the wall, so it will leave some space in the center of the room. Most pieces of furniture in white color, so it will make your small room look more bright and spacious. The blush pink color is applied to the bedsheet and window curtain to add more color on this room. 

A pink furnishing with cute pattern

Color is not enough to sweeten up the room. There is a possibility that the look can be too plain and boring.  So, make sure you add some pattern in the space. You can pick a blush pink bedsheet with cute strawberry pattern. The cute pattern will enliven the space, and make the room look better. 

Small and minimalist pink kitchen design  

For the kitchen, the homeowner want to have vibrant look and feel. So, even if the kitchen space is quite small, but the geometric pattern and all the pink things make the kitchen look so lively. The upper cabinet is excluded to make the room feels more spacious and airy. 

Pink dining room design 

Pink color can be applied to minimalist dining room design. Similar to the previous kitchen, this dining room is also designed pink with a fairly vibrant decor. This pink dining room feels more lively with a selection of tropical decorations, such as tropical pink refrigerator stickers and more.

Hopefully The Prettiest Pink Home Design that will Sweeten Up Your Life  above is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about pink home design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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