6 Beautiful Pink Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

6 Beautiful Pink Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Various kitchen design used to foster the spirit of the owner. With shades of shabby pink, this time you can design a kitchen at home with a beautiful look charming. Variations of design and decorations can be determined by yourself according to the size of the kitchen and furniture to be used. Well, you can sample shabby kitchen design below with adorable pink shades!

Professional geometric backsplash


Small kitchen size shades of pink shabby chic, this give the impression of beautiful and charming. White combinations are used to get beautiful design and feel spacious. Present a backsplash of geometric  motifs that feel professional for a chic kitchen rich in storage.


Shabby kitchen with hidden LED's

If light becomes one of the important thing for the kitchen room, then it will mean for you to put a hidden LED's behind the kitchen cabinet like this. Pair straight in the direction of the kitchen cabinet, shades of pink are still the main component that make your kitchen space more beautiful and impressive.


The kitchen is complete shabby feel

Small or large kitchen arrangement will be appropriate if you pat attention to storage. You can choose the L-shape kitchen model for the small kitchen at home, with shabby chic nuances that are echoing and energetic. Complete a variety of functional furniture for furniture, you can provide maximum lighting so that the details of the kitchen are clearly visible.


Classic shabby kitchen

Although unlike the previous kitchen design. This classic style combination in shabby kitchen has a cozy and warm impression. The use of kitchen cabinets is neglected to give the kitchen a spacious feel. You can pair shabby wall wallpapers and beautiful floral motifs.


Modern shabby kitchen


To make the kitchen design at home more attractive and beautiful, minimalist shabby nuances with modern furniture such as cooker hood, plant stove and some other kitchen electronics you can use. Bring a shabby feel with some trinkets to get the most out of shabby details. 

 Kitchen plus shabby mini bar


For those of you who want a shabby minimalist style kitchen, this design you can try to use. A touch of pink color becomes one of the basics when you design a shabby kitchen at home. Combine it with a functional mini bar for a place to eat. You can add a complement to the table tool, shabby shades with floral motifs.

Bright minimalist shabby kitchen


To make your kitchen more fun to do, this minimalist shabby theme can be used for new kitchen decorations. You can include beautiful decorations in the form of shabby pink curtains with lace to the use of matching kitchen furniture. Shabby touch you can combine with a luxurious and more elegant gold feel.

Hopefully those  6 Beautiful Pink Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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