7 Ways to Use Bamboo For Your Home

Helloshabby.com -- The simplest way to make the house feel more fresh and cozy is by adding nature elements to the home. The most versatile nature elements are using bamboo as interior or exterior furniture. Bamboo is one of the cost-effective materials. Bamboo can be formed into anything that completes the look of the house, even you can make the useful bamboo craft at home. 

This time, we will show you 7 stunning ways of using bamboo for your home. So, your home will look natural and beautiful than before. 

Eco-friendly bamboo screen


Need to separate the living room with other space? Maybe, you'll need this bamboo screen as a room partition. The bamboo stems with leaves look delicate, but these bamboo screen give the necessary privacy between the two spaces. You can make this bamboo screen by DIY an organic bamboo or simply by ready-to-use bamboo screen that made from artificial bamboo.

The Exotic Bamboo Shelf


Who need the ordinary stacking iron shelves, if you already have this bamboo shelf. These bamboo logs are strong enough to hold some potted plants on it. Even you can make the bamboo shelf by yourself. You can adjust the height between place mats in accordance the height of your plants. 

Just place these beautiful bamboo shelf with potted plants in corner of your home. Then, highlight this bamboo shelf with dim light. And you will have a green corner that look so exotic.

Another Bamboo Partition Ideas


Another interesting partitioning idea is this kind of bamboo partition. The small bamboo sticks are attached to a special container with a combination of white coral rocks. The bamboo partition will make the room have a more nature ambience. 

The bamboo hanging rack


Having unused bamboo stems?  Try to use it to make a hanging rack to place vines. The trick is quite easy, you just need to make a hole in the middle of the bamboo stem to put the plant. Then, attach a rope between the two sides as a medium to hang this bamboo shelf. With bamboo hanging shelves, the walls of your room will look fresher and more attractive. 

DIY Bamboo Fountain


Create your minimalist Zen garden by making things kind of fountain. This fountain uses bamboo as a medium to drain water. Bamboo certainly makes the fountain feel more natural and calming. Underneath you can put artificial lotuses to make them fresher and more enjoyable. It is the best to place it on the corner of your outdoor space.

Round Basket Wall Hanging 


This household furniture is made from woven bamboo and so on. In some country in South East Asian, this round thing is usually be used to clean rice or so on. But, this round bamboo basket is also look good as wall decoration. It can bring such a rustic look into the space. 

Bamboo Bench for Outdoor Seating


Turn your porch into an outdoor relaxing place. You just need to put the L-shaped bamboo bench in the corner of your porch. The bench is elongated, allowing many people to sit in the same place while chatting casually on the porch. 

Hopefully those 7 Ways to Use Bamboo For Your Home is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home decorations. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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