6 Living room with plants ideas

Helloshabby.com -- You can decorate your living room with indoor plants. The plants will act as air purifier that make the air feel so fresh. In other hand, the plants also serve as room decorations. The plants will create a natural mood in the living room. Your living room will look and feel so fresh and beautiful at the same time. So, if you need some ideas to dress up your space with plants, here are some 6 living room with plants ideas.

Pick the best plants for the living room 


The first thing you should do before decorating your living room is to choose the best plants for your room. For a large living room with minimalist furniture, pick a big statement plants like a Monstera, Philodendron, Bamboo Palm or more. Other than that, you can choose a low-maintenance plants like a Sanseviera, ZZ plant or pothos. 

Best plant position 


A place beside the sofa is often seemed empty and neglected. You can place the plants right beside the sofa. It's better if you choose some large and leafy plant beside the sofa, for example dracena and philodendron. 

Choose a shelf 


Decorating the living room with plants on the shelf is a smart and gorgeous plan to do.  Choose a shelf model that matches the look of the living room, for example wooden shelves and beautiful white metal stacking shelves. You can combine artificial flowers and real green plants, or mix up the green plants with other decorations, so it doesn't look boring.

Pick unique plant holder stands


If you decide to display some small plants in the living room, it is a great idea to use a plant holder stand for a stylish and enhanced look. You can pick a rattan holder stand that have rustic and natural style that make the living room also look visually good. 

Decorate the corner and the wall with plants


Fill the empty corner with a large plant like a cactus. A strong and upstand cacti will make a big statement in the living room. The empty vertical space like the wall can also be decorated with plants. Just install a floating shelf that can hold the plants on the pots. For the floating shelf, it is better to place a smaller and lighter plant to minimize the shelf falling and collapsing. 

Have a natural vibe with rustic living room ideas


You can consider to have a minimalist and rustic-style living room. Mostly, the furniture is using wooden elements like a set of rattan chairs, a wooden coffee table and a wooden plant table. All the wooden elements look visually good when paired with a variety of greenery that placed in several spots in this living room. 

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