7 Ideas Small Bedroom Decorating

7 Ideas Small Bedroom Decorating

Helloshabby.com -- The bedroom becomes the most important place for occupancy, in addition to being functioned for resting place. The bed can be the most comforting spot when you want to be alone. But what happens if you only have a small bedroom? Surely most of us are still confused to maximize the function of the room to create the most comfortable place. Some inspiring ideas of a small comfortable and attractive bedroom below you can try to apply to get the most comfortable living space.

Use large windows to give a wide impression


Small bedroom design with earthy concept that stylish like this is worth to try. Maximize the use of medium-sized mattresses, place it in the center of room, so it leaves both sides that spacious enough. You can put a little decoration for the size of the small room that is still beautiful and show the aesthetic side. Use large windows to make the small bedroom look spacious and bright.

Smart bedroom with functional cabinet


If you're designing a bedroom for a child, this smart small room design could be the solutions. The sleeping area that is on top with the level model has a cabinet for the book room.  Even with small size, this kind of bed design look more exclusive. You can use  vinyl flooring to make small bedroom feels warm and cozy.

Reduce excessive furniture


We  want to get a feeling of comfortable and calm sleep in the bedroom. When designing a bedroom, it is good to think carefully about the furniture of the room. You can only use cabinets, spring beds to some other decorations that do not interfere with the room, so it won't look cramped. More idea try to give  a soft interior with luxurious and earthy shades of purple.

Simple with minimal decoration


Creating a small bedroom design at home is quite easy. There needs to be a selection of furniture as needed only. This bedroom design can be your example. Minimize decoration for room walls, suitable mattress size and enough one dressing table to dress up.


Create Larger illusions with mirrors


Lots of ways to get a comfortable and quiet bedroom. Create the illusion of more space by using a mirror in the bedroom. Combine it with the use of large windows, so that natural installation can enter more freely.


Provide contrasting and striking interior


Color for a small bedroom can be one of the triggers people feel comfortable or not in the room. Well, this idea chooses a contrast interior on one side of the wall with a gray color. Combine it with other colors such as yellow, blue or green that have a positive aura for a comfortable bedroom.

Save space with private bathroom


If in general, a luxury house will only put the bathroom inside for the master bedroom only. This time you can try it on a small bedroom. Place the sleeping mattress near the window to give it a slightly airy distance on its side. Give beautiful decorative such as wall-art or painting to get the aesthetic side of the small bedroom.


Hopefully those  7 Ideas Small Bedroom Decorating are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about bedroom idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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