7 Smart Ideas for Outdoor Privacy and Backyard Retreats

Helloshabby.com -- If you're seeking an outdoor privacy space for a backyard retreat, then these ideas that we would like to show is perfect for you. You can make use of a wall, fence or shrubs, even vines to add some privacy to your backyard retreat. Within a proper outdoor privacy option you will get a personal space, then you don't have to worry that the neighbor or passer-by will peek at your  personal time in the backyard. 

For more detail, keep reading for 7 Smart Ideas for Outdoor Privacy and Backyard Retreats.

High concrete walls with barbed wire


To get maximum privacy at your backyard retreat, you can build a high concrete wall with barbed wire. The high wall surely make the passer-by won't be able to peek at your backyard retreat. And the barbed wire on it is also use for security and prevention purposes. If you want to use the barbed wire, just make sure the use of barbed wire is not against the low in your area.  

3D wall and wooden canopy 

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Play with textures! You can design the wall backyard in 3D pattern to make it look more dynamic. At the top of the backyard retreat, you can install a wooden canopy. The wooden canopy is very suitable for growing vines. It will make the outdoor space shady and cozier. 

Concrete brick wall 


Bricks are perfect for outdoor barriers and privacy givers. Besides being strong enough, the brick surface makes the house feel modern and industrial. With a brick designed high around your home, you can design a comfortable backyard retreat with wooden benches and a transparent canopy. 

Cement exposed wall 


Having a large backyard is a bliss. You can design the backyard retreats with a gazebo. A large backyard is also perfect for barbecue night with your friends. You can design a high of cements exposed wall to keep the backyard space keep private. 

Bamboo Fencing Idea


Having a small backyard is also a bliss. You can design a backyard garden with a pair of minimalist chairs. Although it's small, but of course you need a privacy when doing activities on the backyard. For a small backyard, you can build a bamboo fencing as outdoor privacy idea. In addition to giving you privacy, this bamboo fence also gives a more natural look. 

Horizontal Fencing 

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A guest house or cottage is usually in the backyard. Create a private guest house by installing a horizontal fence around the guest house. Horizontal fence create an aesthetically pleasing privacy wall on the backyard retreats. Horizontal fencing is the best using the wooden material.

Vines on the walls


Just ordinary walls as outdoor privacy is enough.  But, you can make it more beautiful by growing vines on the wall. It will make the backyard look more green and shady. 

Hopefully those 7 Smart Ideas for Outdoor Privacy and Backyard Retreats  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about outdoor space's design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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