7 ideas for 'Small chill-out corner in the Garden'

Helloshabby.com -- Garden is one of the best place to chill out at home. The greenery and fresh air will give us some piece of mind, when we relax in the garden. That's why, it is quite important to have an outdoor seating as a small chill-out corner in the garden.

Check out some stunning 7 ideas for a small chill-out corner in the garden. You can try to adapt some ideas into your garden, and be ready to make the corner space in the garden became one of the coziest place to spend leisure time with your loved ones. 

Small chill-out corner with a small pergola bench 


Having a balcony garden would be fun. But, it is incomplete without an adequate outdoor seating. In the corner of the balcony garden, you can put a minimalist iron pergola bench. The bench looks sleek that easy to move when you want to have different view. In front of the bench, you can put down a small table to put your favorite cup of tea on a sunny morning. 

Chill out garden corner with a large chair 


If you have a hobby of collecting certain greenery, it must be nice to sit while looking at the fresh plants that you managed to take care of. For that, put one big chair in the corner of your garden. Add one round table to put down a gadget or a glass of your favorite drink. You can relax while looking at your collection of plants that thrive. 

Small cozy corner with a bench and fishpond


Garden is not only as a place to care and display your plants. You can also make use of the garden as a place to chill out and get the fresh air. For that, you need to design a small and cozy corner in the garden. For the best atmosphere, try to build a fishpond. Next to the fishpond, put a bench, a coffee table and a pair of tube chairs to enjoy the garden landscaping. 

Small backyard garden with a pair of bean bags. 


A seat is the thing you should carefully consider when making a small chill out in the garden. If you want outdoor seating that feels more casual, you can choose a pair of bean bags as a seat in the garden. Put a soft rug of grass on your seat mat. A bean bag is not only practical, you can sit back so your back will be more comfortable. 

A Bohemian chill out corner in the garden 


Turn an empty corner in the garden into a unique Bohemian chill out garden. It's not that hard to make one. You can use daily items as on the garden decorations. Dare to play with colors, patterns and textures to make a Bohemian chill out garden more feel real.

Warm and cozy chill out corner in the garden 


If you want outdoor seating that is slightly separate from the garden space, the design of the chill out place above can be imitated. Garden and outdoor seating are separated by a small barrier.  The outdoor seating used a bench with soft pads. It is also equipped with rustic lights with a dim light. 

Cool Corner with Wooden Furniture and Trailing Plants


Enliven the corner in the garden with nature vibe elements. You can pick a set of wooden bench and a wooden table as the main furniture to enjoy the garden view. Liven up the empty walls by placing a trailing plant into it. 

That's all for 7 ideas for 'Small chill-out corner in the Garden'. You can adapt one or more ideas to your garden. 

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